Small Businesses: Keep your Important Data Safe

Data loss has become quite common nowadays owing to the increased communication within and between small businesses. It can have a great impact on the progress of a business. Fortunately, there is software available that can help you trace the source of the data leakage.

It is quite necessary for employers to keep a check on their staff to make sure their company’s precious information stays safe. Since in most cases occupational fraud is the cause of data loss, which occurs when employees divulge the company’s secrets to outsiders for money, employee monitoring is the best method of preventing that from happening.

A number of tracking apps are available for smartphones and they can be used to keep tabs on the phone of your choice. They are available for all leading mobile operating systems, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile. You simply have to download and install the app on the phone after which it becomes undetectable. The app will run in the background and continuously record the phone’s communications, uploading it to an online server via mobile data or Wi-Fi. The logs can be accessed by signing into one’s online account provided to you by the spy app. All text messages, calls and e-mails will be available, even if the original data is removed from the phone.

By tracking their communications, employers can keep an eye on who their employees communicate with and the content of the communications. SMS, phone calls and even Skype activity can be intercepted. GPS locations can also be tracked by these apps, allowing you to trace your employees’ whereabouts and see who they are meeting with during office timings.

Most of the company’s information is stored in the form of documents which must not leave its system. Fraudsters may share such confidential files with outsiders in the form of e-mail attachments. Fortunately, they can also be intercepted by monitoring software and the document may be perused.

To some people, usage of tracking software may appear to be invasion of a free citizen’s privacy. However, keeping in mind that occupational fraud is causing an annual loss of over $3.5 trillion across the world, with there being no way of preventing it from happening other than keeping tabs on one’s employees, the need for monitoring apps can then be appreciated. Since preservation of a company’s valuable information is critical for its progress and development, one cannot put blind faith in one’s employees and hope for everything to go smoothly.

Although there are many such spy apps available in online stores for different mobile operating systems, paid ones, such as mSpy, and they are usually more reliable, dedicated and worth the price. You can find reasonable monthly charges, which can be brought down if you get a yearly package. Also, with additional charges they provide increased services, such as recording the phone’s surroundings, tracking all instant messenger activity and locking down the device so it cannot be operated.

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  1. barryherne says:

    Do you think that it is more effective to use the spying software than usual network monitoring tools? I think that it is much more reliable to set up a monitoring tool e.g.Anturis, that we use in our company and control the whole system in such a way.