6 Ways Coupon Affiliates Can Make Your Holiday Sales Bigger

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of different affiliates. Coupons, daily deals, search, social, datafeed, mobile, newsletter and even offline to name a few. In the past, I’ve shared some thoughts that might turn people away from working with coupon affiliates. However, there are some really important reasons to work with the right groups of coupon affiliates, especially during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Here are my top six reasons to work with select coupon affiliates during the holiday shopping season this fourth quarter.

1. Brand Exposure

Some coupon sites have millions of monthly hits from followers checking what deals are available to them each day. By working closely with them, merchants are able to get placement on the homepage, category pages, exclusive deal pages, in their newsletter, on their blog and in their social channels. This proactive and wide-reach approach brings strong value-add to merchants and to customers alike.

2. Incremental Sales

For reasons similar to brand exposure, the right coupon affiliates can drive incredible volumes of incremental sales that merchants might not otherwise receive. Merchants can expect additional exposure through proactive placements in  places like a monthly newsletter, a tweet on a product sale, an article on a blog or an attractive product banner on their homepage.

3. Loyalty

One of my favorite and most respected affiliate partners is Tricia Meyer, owner of SunshineRewards.com. I appreciate Tricia and her team because they care so much about building and fostering a vibrant community where people (mainly women) can connect to find things they need at great prices. They care about their members and foster personal relationships with them. Because of this approach, the connection they have with their community and the loyalty the users feel towards Sunshine Rewards and HelpingMomsConnect.com (also owned by Tricia) is strong. The loyalty created by these affiliates is something advertisers should look to foster and build upon to reach new users and convert incremental sales.

4. Customer Retention

Even coupon sites who do not proactively promote a merchant can add value during the fourth quarter by ensuring available coupons and promotions can be found when searched for by brand. Imagine someone is shopping for Ping golf balls for a gift. Not only are there hundreds of brands of golf balls, there are hundreds of places to buy them—and not just online. By having a coupon code or promotion available (e.g., free shipping or 10% off) on some of the top coupon sites when someone types in “Ping Golf Balls,” an advertiser could save a sale they might otherwise lose to a competitor who had a presence on the coupon site.

Additionally, if the customer is half way through the checkout then leaves to see if he can find a coupon code and Ping does not have a presence on the site, there is nothing that would make the customer complete the order if they saw deals from a competitor somewhere else. Having a presence on some of the top coupon sites can help with customer retention in both of these ways.

5. Higher Conversions

Oftentimes, because of the exclusive deals coupon sites offer, the loyalty of the following, and the great prices the customer gets on coupon sites, conversions usually come much more easily than through other channels. This helps with increasing overall sales.

6. It’s Where Your Buyers Will Be!

Most importantly, people want a great deal, especially when they have multiple gifts to buy and tight budgets during the heavy shopping season. If you’re not where your customers will be, then you’re missing out on a huge bulk of potential sales revenue that your competitors would be happy to take.

By working with a handful of the best, most “value-added” coupon affiliates as described above, you will be able to benefit your overall e-commerce revenue stream during the busiest shopping season of the year.

About Sarah V. Bundy

Sarah is an Internet Marketing Specialist with over 12 years of sales and marketing experience. She has been a top performer for more than a dozen multimillion dollar corporations in her lifetime, won multiple awards for sales and service throughout her career. As the CEO of All Inclusive Marketing Inc. Sarah now leads a team of highly skilled internet marketing specialists. As an affiliate advocate and founder of the AIM Group, Sarah believes in ethical pricing, integrity in business and that energy and persistence conquer all things.

2 Responses to 6 Ways Coupon Affiliates Can Make Your Holiday Sales Bigger

  1. Tricia Meyer says:

    Thanks for including Sunshine Rewards in your post! We do try really hard to go beyond just the coupons to add value for both our customers and the merchants. Not only is that profitable, but it is definitely more fun. 🙂