Affiliate Commission-Per-Call?

Could Affiliate commissions per phone call generated be a reality soon? RingRevenue recently completed a $3.5 Million round of series A financing and has partnered with Commission Junction to offer this service to CJ Advertisers.

“Pay-per-call marketing represents an enormous opportunity because 90% of the $300 billion a year U.S. advertising market is still offline,” said Mark Suster, partner at GRP Partners. “RingRevenue’s platform brings the visibility of online ad tracking to that much larger offline market.”

This is a development worth keeping your eyes on.  Market research has shown that for every $1 spent online there is an additional $6 spent offline.  It would be interesting if merchant landing pages that display prominent phone numbers (often a red flag for affiliates as a merchant worth avoiding) started to dynamically replace those phone numbers with affiliate trackable numbers to provide per-call commissions to those affiliates based on the average revenue per call of the company.  I think it would still be difficult to 100% accurately track the commission per sale of these calls, but I guess with the right technology that prevents human error on the back end, this could be possible too.  If we get that and a solid way to track the brick and mortar traffic, then affiliates might actually be compensated for all the transactions they are responsible for generating.

In a time where the industry if focused a lot about “attribution” and looking for ways to devalue the last-click, I think it’s important to keep in mind the other non-trackable sales that are not being attributed to your affiliate partners.

What does everyone else think?

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Adam Viener is the Chairman & Founder of imwave, inc, a leading performance search engine marketing agency. Imwave focuses primarily on building and launching effective pay-per-click search engine keyword marketing campaigns for companies paying commissions on sales and leads generated. In 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012 Imwave was recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held companies by Inc. Magazine. Imwave recently announced they had served over 5 Billion ads for their clients!

Adam is also the founder of Yazing, a new site that not only pays you cash back on the things you buy online, but also lets you earn cash rewards recommending the top brands on the internet. Yazing gives you instant access to top commission rates from the leading online brands without having to join each affiliate network or program directly.

Adam, a serial internet entrepreneur, founded one of the first commercial internet service providers (ISPs) in 1993. He has a deep understanding of internet technologies and profitable internet marketing tactics.

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11 Responses to Affiliate Commission-Per-Call?

  1. Mark Suster says:

    I think just as interesting is the short term opportunities for publishers and affiliate networks. With the largest sales through affiliate networks topping at around $200, a pay-per-call platform allows larger value goods and services to be sold through this CPA channel. So in the short-to-mid term we're really about increasing the size of the pie for everybody in the performance-based channel.

    For what it's worth, the RingRevenue system is remarkable at tracking your calls and provides a complete audit trail and fraud protection. So we believe publishers are going to become very comfortable with this new technology. It was built by the team that built and IPO'd CallWave – so they've built a massively scalable telephony & Internet integration one time before.

  2. Sean Wani says:

    I think it goes beyond sales attribution (though that clearly is important.) Rather, this provides new revenue opportunities for affiliates to provide actual phone leads. Affiliates now get paid for a simple "one field form submit". In addition to bigger ticket items (as Mark mentioned) advertisers in the 'services' (particularly financial services) can also motivate affiliates to send them in-bound calls. My company, thinkingVOICE also offers a white label solution for affiliate networks – a solution that provides real time feedback (pixel tracking and batch reporting) for each call to over a dozen of the largest affiliate networks today (we have been doing this for many years.) We track calls via a unique number for each ad, one number with an extension (where the extension is tied to an affiliate), or with click to call. This is the same platform we use for our own pay-per-call network (where we pay affiliates, mobile networks, and other publishers) for driving phone leads to our advertisers. In some cases we have seen as much as 600 calls an hour driven by these networks to advertisers with large call centers. To see an example for life insurance using our click to call technology (where you can enter your number to try) go to Give me a call (650-963-4977) if you want to learn more.

  3. Offline marketing including Mobile Marketing through SMS includes a new and growing audience. I do think this is worth looking into and has a lot of potential. Also I found out about this via a ShareASale conference call, they are also partnering with RingRevenue. We are looking at sharing this with our ShareASale merchants as a new stream of revenue.

  4. Michael Cole says:

    Congrats to RingRevenue and Commission Junction for providing this


    RevUpNet just launched it's first client on CJ's Pay-Per-Call platform

    and more launches are on the way. We've been blown away by the flexibility the

    platform provides when it comes to pricing calls and managing call-based campaigns.

    Our last test before taking our campaign live exceeded our expectations, the reports not only have some of the best UI available, but they also reported within seconds of call events occurring. Their complete feature set makes it possible for our clients to offer generous commissions per-call.

  5. Evan says:

    Adam are you participating in this program. A few of my CJ programs are up and running and I am looking for good publishers to bring in to try it out. Let me know if interested!

  6. Adam Viener says:

    Yes, we are signed up with an account and looking for a good program to test it with. Preferably one that doesn't offer an alternate phone number on the landing page other than the one we get compensated for.


  7. Evan says:

    Adam, cool! As i understand it we should be able to carry your dedicated 800 through and publish it on the merchants site…

  8. I am trying to find a list of companies that CJ offers with the pay per call. I currently do this for individual companies.

    I just signed up today for the pay per call on CJ and I am eager to find out what type of services and products I can promote

    I find that with regular "form fill" driven affliate programs I will get about a 10% click to conversion ratio, but all my Pay per calls are between 25-30% click to call ratio.

    I wont get too excited about the CJ pay per call program till I see the offers.

    If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks!

  9. Earl Brown says:

    We’ve been Internet marketing pros for 15 years and have specialized in Pay Per Call for the past 3 years. PPCall generates _the_ most qualified, interested prospects of all. We find Landing Pages featuring short videos with a toll-free phone number work best of all. Here’s a sample: . For many businesses, pay per Click isn’t effective anymore. Experts estimate that up to 30% of clicks can be fraudulent, the price of keywords is soaring and conversion rates hover around a lowly 4%. Advertisers don't want clicks and impressions, they want clients and customers.

    I like what Bill Gross said: "Pay per click was just the beginning. The real play now is pay per action, and pay per call provides advertisers with the one thing they prize above all else – customer engagement.”

    I’ll be real glad to chat with anyone interested in Pay Per Call.

    Earl Brown

  10. Wade Sisson says:

    We at PartnerCentric started telling our clients about the new PayPerCall solution as soon as it was launched, and one of our clients – – adopted it as part of their affiliate program launch. We've had nothing but great feedback from the affiliates who've signed up to promote via PayPerCall. RingRevenue, which drives this, does a phenomenal job with tracking.

  11. Dan says:

    The prospect of a pay per call commission system is certainly an interesting one. Your stats about offline marketing prove that it still represents a huge part of advertising. However, I think that mobile marketing and Facebook marketing are going to be among the most important advertising channels going forward.