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Affiliate Marketers, Are You Giving Enough Back?

Affiliate Marketers Give BackIf you’re in the affiliate marketing space, you are surely aware of, a charitable organization founded by Missy Ward who is also co-founder of Affiliate Summit. The organization’s aim is to raise money to support breast cancer research through the affiliate marketing industry. To date, it has raised over $550,000 and many of you in the industry do your part to support the effort.

But could you be doing more? If you’re an affiliate, are you offering placement to charities? If you are a network, are you allocating a portion of your traffic to non-profits? If you are an affiliate marketing agency, are you offering pro bono services to organizations in need.

At Affiliate Traction, we encourage other online marketing companies to do what we have done. Our industry is too often detached from what is occurring in the offline world. Businesses should benefit people of every socioeconomic class and circumstance. And everyone benefits when the least fortunate are given health and opportunity.

Recently, AffiliateTraction partnered with LinkShare, aka Rakuten Affiliate Network, an omnichannel-focused network which works with Walmart,, Macy’s, Sephora, VisionDirect and others. Together, the two will offer charitable organizations pro bono agency and network services.

These efforts have generated over $238,000 in sales benefitting non-profit organizations by offering pro bono agency services.

Much of the charitable work that occurs in most industries results in fund raising efforts. That’s good and that should continue. But taking it a step further, it’s important for those in the affiliate channel to leverage their individual capabilities in a way which helps non-profits grow their online revenue by selling their merchandise through the affiliate channel.

With the affiliate channel’s razor sharp focus within the online space, our industry is too often detached from what is occurring in the offline world. But what we do online can greatly benefit those in the offline world. Take a look at what you provide on a for-profit basis in within the affiliate channel and then take a long, hard look at how you can allocate some of those services to give back to those who have far greater needs than you do.

I challenge you to get involved. I challenge you to show the world the affiliate industry is a caring, giving, supportive entity with plenty of resources to give back. What will you give back today?

Greg Shepard

About Greg Shepard

Greg Shepard, the Chief Strategy Officer of Pepperjam, is a seasoned veteran in building and running sustainable growth businesses. Inspired by the unique perspective he garnered as both a merchant and affiliate in past ventures, Greg established AffiliateTraction and it has since expanded into the largest multi-national affiliate marketing agency with offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, London and Sydney. In January of 2016, AffiliateTraction was acquired by eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. In April of 2016, eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions became Pepperjam, resurrecting a familiar name in the performance marketing space.

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