Affiliate Marketing Census Report 2009 – Your Help is Needed!

Okay, here is a quick one with a long quote of Jessica Luthi from before I am heading off for Las Vegas to Affiliate Summit 2009 West. The quote summarizes everything pretty nicely. I could not have it said better myself. I filled out the survey a couple minutes ago and suggest that other affiliate marketers will do the same.

Shawn Collin’s AffStat reports provide interesting insights into the affiliate marketing space from an advertiser’s perspective.

Peter Figueredo from NETexponent released last November their first AffiliateBenchmark research report, which already provided some interesting insights into the affiliate marketing space.

I was yelling two years ago in January 2007 “Where is the Affiliate Benchmark Guide 2006“. Now I am hoping to get what I was asking for back then. The survey only takes a few minutes and you will get a free copy of the results, two more reasons why you should do it. and both companies are independent and impartial and trusted.

Last year (largest independent UK Data Research company) and in association with made UK Affiliate Marketing History by producing the first ever UK Affiliate Census which can be downloaded here .

The UK Census came about due to the lack of transparency for Advertiser and Affiliate Networks in terms of who are “affiliates” Very little is known about the very people who contribute billions to our online economy. Affiliates/publishers also have little or no information about each other in terms of what is the average revenue an affiliate makes, what do affiliates see as a threat to the industry, what is the best method of promoting a merchant/Advertiser, how many networks does an affiliate belong to?.

This year it’s now time to turn our attention to the USA too. This census will be a first for the USA so a bit of USA Affiliate Marketing history is in the making, all too exciting and for the UK we already have historical data so we can now plot changes/trends. We intend to do a US an UK comparison too, is the US any different to the UK? Does the UK do it better? (cheeky grin)

We believe this Affiliate Census will be the biggest piece of research in understanding “who are the affiliates and what do they do and how do they do it”? But… we can’t do this without the entire industry getting behind this and pushing this out so here is what we need for you to do.

For Affiliates
The survey is for affiliates and takes less then ten minutes to complete by way of thanks to all those who complete the survey, we will send you the results, there is an option at the end for you to add your email address for when the report is published, this is optional. Please be aware this survey is 100% confidential, we do not ask for any personal information and the questions are fairly generic, by all means walk through it first.

We have a US survey (aimed at US Affiliates) can be seen here

We have a UK survey (aimed at UK affiliates) can be seen here

So if you are a US affiliate please follow the US link and if you are a UK affiliate please follow the UK link.

For affiliates who are neither UK or US, you can still participate, example if I live in Germany but promote UK Advertisers, you would follow the UK survey link.

Cut off is 27th January 2009

Thank you so much in advance and if I could be a little pushy, when you have completed the survey, pass this on to anyone you think would be interested. You rock!

For Agencies
Please grab any information from the above and just email anyone you think would be interested in this as you will want to see the published results too.

For Affiliate Networks
You know you want to see the published results and if you email your entire network of affiliates by way of thanks, drop me your logo Jessica at and we will add this to the published report with a link to your network.

For Merchants/Advertisers
We know you will want to see the results of this survey, so any direct partnerships you have in place with any one in the affiliate marketing industry, please point them to the survey.

See you in Vegas!


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2 Responses to Affiliate Marketing Census Report 2009 – Your Help is Needed!

  1. peter bordes says:


    Thank you . this is fantastic. the more who get involved the more data we can get that is VIP so we can grow the industry and make it a better place for everyone.

    We are sending this survey out to all our community. i hope everyone will participate with us!

  2. Yes, we need to get a census so at least we can derive statistical values on the network of affiliates that are contributing to our global economy.

    Lets hope all affiliates out there will participate in this survey.

    Thanks, Carsten.