Affiliate Retention, Activation and Recruitment – Do’s and Don’ts

I just posted earlier this month a long post about affiliate activation and retention.

I spent some time to look for other good tips about what to do and also what not to do to run a successful affiliate program, get inactive affiliates to promote your products actively and to keep existing affiliates happy.

Affiliate Retention
Not a blog post but an old fashioned forums thread: 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Affiliates Happy a forum post at 5StarAffiliatePrograms Forums from August 2007.

Key take aways from the tread:

  1. “EVERY time you face a tough decision about your affiliate channel, pretend you are one of your own affiliates and walk in his/her shoes.”
  2. “Pull Your Program Out of the Dark Ages – Keep up with technology”
  3. “Find Out What Your Affiliates Want and Give it To Them!”
  4. “Think Outside the Box! Offer Affiliates a Free Consultation”
  5. “Raise Commission and Increase your Cookie Duration – Money talks!”

Affiliate Activation
This one was actually referenced from the forum thread above for the bullet point “Think Outside the Box! Offer Affiliates a Free Consultation”. It’s the blog post titled “Ultimate Affiliate Activation Email from zZounds Affiliate Manager” by Linda Buquet at the 5StarAffiliatePrograms Blog from August 29th, 2006

Finding Affiliates
Fitting the subject and always on the “hot-list” for affiliate managers is the subject of finding and recruiting new affiliates with the ultimate goal of finding one of the few super affiliates and getting them interested in promoting your services or products.

Heather Paulson wrote a detailed Review of the tool “Affiliate Recruiter” by Syntryx and how it can be used effectively to find potential affiliates and super affiliates in your niche.

Ouch, Affiliate Communication Gone Bad
Here are some bad examples that illustrate what you should NOT do. I would say that those examples are equally if not more important that the tips about what you should do.

Example 1: An Affiliate Done Wrong by Shawn Collins at from November 30th, 2007

Example 2: Affiliate Account Suspension – Bad Joo Joo by Alice Seba at from March 27th, 2008 and Part 2 from a day after.

Example 3: I actually have one myself, which I blogged about in June 2007 called “Call off the Cops and Get the Undertaker Instead” here at It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I talk about this one :(.

I hope you find those additional resources and information useful. Feel free to post any comments or tips for other affiliate managers based on your on successes and mistakes.

Thank you and Cheers!
Carsten Cumbrowski

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3 Responses to Affiliate Retention, Activation and Recruitment – Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Jonathan (Trust) says:

    Some good tips. Lot more in this Merchant Best Practices Forum:

    Some recent topics –

    Good recruitment emails with examples.

    How to get inactive affiliates, active. Never threaten deactivation.

    Suggestions for merchants on what to put in their affiliate newsletters.

    About giving advance notice of promotions. (that's basic)


  2. Linda Buquet says:

    Another great post filled with timely information Carsten. Thanks for sharing 2 of my articles on the subject. I know activation and retention are things most AMs struggle with, but there are not too many really good resources, so thanks for pulling so many good thoughts into these 2 posts you did here at Revenews. Thanks for sharing this info over at my forum too. Our members appreciate it!

  3. Thanks for the info about the ABW post Jonathan. I hope that more people will post some links to good tips and examples about their own personal experience.

    Hi Linda, long time to "see". I am glad that you commented at my blog. I stumbled across your posts by accident today and then also found some other good references and examples that I decided to write this follow up post. Cheers!