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If you are a regular Affiliate Summit attendee and newsletter subscriber then you already know that Shawn Collins published all available Affiliate Summit video recordings from the past two years for free on the web. It is not necessary that you have been an attendee of the event in order to be able to access the content.

In order to be able to access the password protected area of the site with the videos, is it necessary that you request the username and password here. You will ask to subscribe to the affiliate summit email newsletter “Real Deal” in exchange for the access. That is not much to ask in return for over 70 videos, over 13 gigabytes, several dozens of presentation slides and more. You will not lose access to the content if you should decide to unsubscribe from the newsletter, but why should you?

Update: A special domain is now available to access the Affiliate Summit videos at

Video recordings are available for the Affiliate Summit East 2006, West 2007, East 2007 and West 2008. Shawn also published in the past some videos for free and also transcripts, audio recordings and presentation slides via either the Affiliate Summit blog or his Affiliate Tip blog. He does not refer to all of that c ontent from the new pages that contain the videos of the past four US shows. There is also no reference to any content from the Affiliate Summit 2007 UK show in London.

The old sites, such as and now redirect to the new pages.Here is a list of all the sessions from the four US shows with links to additional content that cannot be found (yet) at Shawns website, including content from AS London. Furthermore are there numerous other references to resources and content related to the Affiliate Summit conferences, including a brief outlook at the upcoming Affiliate Summit events and reasons for why you should attend one, if you have not already done so.

Affiliate Summit East 2006

July 9-11, 2006 in Orlando, FL – Agenda

Audio recordings, transcripts and presentations are not available at the AS site, but I found links to content on other sites, such as the Affiliate Summit Blog.

  • Session 1a: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Merchants
  • Session 1b: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Affiliates
  • Session 1c: The Value of Pay Per Click Affiliates
  • Session 2a: Building a Multi-Brand Niche Affiliate Program
  • Session 2b: SUPER Affiliate Strategies for Sustainable Businesses
  • Session 2c: eBay Web Services for Affiliates
  • Session 3a: Benefits and Liabilities of Coupon Affiliates – blog posttranscript (PDF) – video (Google)
  • Session 3b: How to Minimize Leakage/Maximize Commissions
  • Session 3c: Loyalty Affiliates: Loyal Allies or Evil doers? – blog posttranscript (PDF) – presentation (PPT) – video(Google) – mp4
  • Session 4a: Benchmarking
  • Session 4b: Blogging Best Practices: Maximizing Your Success – blog post video (Google)
  • Session 4c: Affiliate Marketing Legal Issues – blog posttranscript (PDF)
  • Session 5a: Co-Opetition, Comparison Sites and Conversion: Lessons Learned From The Adult Online Playbook – blog posttranscript (PDF) – presentation (PPT) – video (Google) – mp4
  • Session 5b: Straight Talk on Search Engine Optimization – blog posttranscript (PD F) – presentation (PPT) – video(Google) – mp4
  • Session 6a: Seeds to Stalks: Cultivating your Affiliate Program
  • Session 6b: How PPC is Used by Affiliates


Affiliate Summit West 2007

January 21-23, 2007 at the Ballys Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV – Agenda

  • Session 1a: Best Practices for Advertisers and Affiliates, a View from the Regulators, ISPs and the Industry
  • Session 1b: Marketing Your Affiliate Site – Outside of the Box
  • Session 1c: How to Recruit Super Affiliates
  • Session 1d: Debunking SEO Myths
  • Session 2a: Mobile Phone Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 2b: Optimizing with Your Merchant Partner
  • Session 2c: The Current State of Online Lead Generation
  • Session 2d: Anatomy of a Viral Video — Maximum ROI
  • Session 3a: Developing the Right Merchant Mindset
  • Session 3b: Ask the Experts: Super Affiliates
  • Session 3c: Ask the Experts: Thought Shapers and Influencers
  • Session 3d: The Affiliate 2.0 Litmus Test
  • Session 4a: Reaching the New Consumer
  • Session 4b: Bloggers – The New Super Affiliates
  • Session 4c: Domaining and Address-Bar Driven Traffic
  • Session 4d: Affiliate Compliance 101
  • Session 5a: New Quality Assurance Considerations
  • Session 5b: Search Affiliates: Partners or Parasites?
  • Session 5c: Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Session 6a: Affiliate 2.0 Discover Ten Top New Webtrends
  • Session 6b: The Confluence of Search and Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 6c: Next Generation Affiliate Recruitment – Why What You Know Doesnt Work Anymore
  • Session 6d: Lead Generation the New Kids On the Block


Affiliate Summit East 2007

July 8-10, 2007 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Miami, Florida – Agenda

  • Keynote Interview with Ze Frank
  • Session 1a: Over the Pond – UK Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 1b: What You Don’t Know May Hurt You
  • Session 1c: What SUPER Affiliates Want
  • Session 1d: Contextual Advertising Options: Clicks Equal Cash
  • Session 2a: SEO Site Critiques
  • Session 2b: Addressing Publishers Needs: What Works, Whats Worthless
  • Session 2c: Web 2.0 – The Ten Critical Affiliate Strategies
  • Session 2d: Long Tail Meets Retail in the Blogosphere
  • Session 3a: Desirable Demographics in the Affiliate Channel
  • Session 3b: Viral Marketing, the Plague
  • Session 3c: Secrets of a PPC Super Affiliate
  • Session 3d: Affiliate Marketing and Democratizing Platforms
  • Session 4a: Monetizing Communities
  • Session 4b: Leverage Web Analytics to Track Affiliate Programs
  • Session 4c: Conversion Rate Clinic: Persuasion Techniques that Work
  • Session 4d: The Long Tail of Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 5a: The Confluence of Search and Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 5b: Managing Internal Channel Rivalry: SEO, PPC, CPA
  • Session 5c: Beyond Traditional Affiliate Creatives
  • Session 5d: The Power Of Small Changes Tested


Affiliate Summit London 2007

September 28, 2007 at the Olympia Conference Centre in London, Great Britan – Agenda

  • Affiliate Marketing View from the U.S. by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, the founders of Affiliate Summit – video excerpt presentation (PDF)
  • Keynote by Linus Gregoriadis, Head of Research of E-consultancy – transcript (PDF)
  • SEO for the NEW Google / Yahoo / MSN by Wil Reynolds, Associate, SEER Interactive – transcript (PDF)
  • Affiliate Marketing: More Than Banners and Clicks by Andreas van de Ven, Partner Sales Manager Europe, Lycos Europe GmbH – transcript (PDF)

Update: There are no videos for the London sessions, because there were none recorded. The presentations have to suffice I guess, sorry.

Affiliate Summit West 2008

February 24-26, 2008 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV – Agenda

  • Keynote Speech by Jason Calacanis (Mahalo) – audio video (Google)
  • Session 1a: Video Innovation in Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 1b: Domaining and Address-Bar Driven Traffic
  • Session 1c: Affiliate PPC: Brand Enhancement or Bid Escalation
  • Session 1d: Email is Media
  • Session 2a: How to Futureproof Your SEO Efforts
  • Session 2b: Developing the Right Merchant Mindset
  • Session 2c: Managing Legal Risks in Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 2d: Managing Your Affiliate Manager
  • Session 3a: Getting Editorial Coverage: The Inside Scoop
  • Session 3b: Super Affiliate Strategies that Work
  • Session 3c: Engaging Consumers with Video, Widgets and Rich Media
  • Session 3d: Practical Solutions to Internet Marketing Legal Compliance
  • Session 4a: ABestWeb: Loved or Hated, but Never Ignored
  • Session 4b: Social Media Strategies in Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 4d: Asymmetric Warfare: Battling Fraudulent Affiliates
  • Pinnacle Awards Ceremony – video (YouTube)


  • Presentations are also available without the need to subscribe to the Raw Deal Affiliate Summit Newsletter. See complete list at a previous post of mine here at

Update: The audio recordings of the Affiliate Summit West 2008 sessions are now available directly at in the newly created category for Affiliate Summit.

Affiliate Summit East 2008

August 10-12, 2008 at the Boston Seaport Hotel in Boston – Agenda

Update: videos are now up online. Here is the updated list with all the sessions and direct links to videos that are public and do not require a registration.

  • Keynote speaker was Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey – video audio
  • Sunday: Affiliate Marketing Basics for Merchants
  • Sunday: Leveraging Social Media
  • Sunday: NY Tax Laws – Issues and Solutions – video
  • Sunday: Which PPC Engines Work And How?
  • Sunday: Monetize your Site with Amazon Associates – video
  • Sunday: ShareASale Network Education Clinic – video
  • Sunday: pepperjamNETWORK Education Clinic – video
  • Session 1a: The State of Ad Networks
  • Session 1b: Content That Kills
  • Session 1c: My 5 Favorite SEO Strategies Exposed
  • Session 2a: Anatomy of a Great Affiliate Program
  • Session 2b: Compliance. Its More Than a Buzz Word
  • Session 2c: Performance Marketing Alliance Q&A
  • Session 3a: Landing Page Testing to Attract Super Affiliates
  • Session 3b: How is Social Media Changing Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 3c: Legal 2.0: Hot Topics in Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 4a: PPC Search: Disclosure vs. Free-for-All
  • Session 4b: PPC Super Affiliate Strategies You MUST Know
  • Session 4c: The Ten Hottest Strategies for Internet Marketing
  • Session 5a: The Future of Performance Marketing
  • Session 5b: Web 2.0 for Affiliates
  • Session 5c: Lessons Learned in Using Video for Affiliates
  • Session 6a: Lead Generation for EMarketers
  • Session 6b: International Options for US Affiliates
  • Session 6c: Copywriting Clinic
  • Session 7a: Data Feed Problems and Missing Information
  • Session 7b: Ethical Issues in Affiliate Marketing


Upcoming Affiliate Summit Events

Affiliate Summit Social Media 2008

October 5, 2008 at Baruch College Vertical Campus Conference Center in New York City, NY – Agenda (coming soon)

See the show announcement here and Details and Registration

Affiliate Summit West 2009

Date: January 11-13, 2008 at the Rio All-Suites hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Gary Vaynerchuk from to Keynote Affiliate Summit 2009 West.

Details and Registration.

Additional Affiliate Summit Content and Resources

And last but not least a post of mine that I wrote at Affiliate Summit West in February that discusses the question that I hear from people who think about attending a conference, but never did, all the time: “ What is the Value of Attending Real Life Conferences?“. I hope that my rather long post will clarify that a bit and will convince the one or the other to get beyond the “thinking about” step this time.

For additional events in the internet marketing space check out my Internet Marketing Events Calendar.

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