Affspy – Meet me at Ad-Tech!

Affspy announced at the Affiliate Summit 2008 west the release of the Affspy technology that allows an amazing transparency to the networks and their offers. According to their blog, Affspy had unleashed its private beta to a swarm of affiliates at their Meet Market table on the first day of Affiliate Summit and within minutes they had over 100 beta sign ups and in a few hours they broke over 1,000 sign ups. I missed them at Affiliate Summit 2008 but I do plan on running into this amazing group of people at Ad-Tech San Fransisco!

I am currently on the beta waiting list and am hoping I get contacted here soon to check this out! (Hint!). The Affspy team will be at Ad-Tech San Francisco this April 15th -17th and I definitely plan on meeting up with them while I am at Ad-Tech. Looking forward to seeing this amazing technology which will truly enhance affiliates ability to find the best offers across multiple networks, saving them valuable time! Networks would be WISE to get in on this sooner rather then later! Networks can sign up here.

After a demo I will have a full review, but from what I have seen so far, this appears to be an extremely valuable tool for affiliates as well as for networks!

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Heather Paulson is the President of which provides Affiliate Management, Paid Search Management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and affiliate video production and affiliate recruiting services.

Heather was appointed to the Affiliate Summit advisory board in 2006. In 2007 Ms. Paulson was appointed to the advisory board for Affiliate Classroom. In 2007 Ms. Paulson was elected as’s education manager. in 2008 Ms Paulson was nominated as a FAB member of the Performance Marketing Association and is an honorary recipient of the ACC Certified Affiliate Managers Course. in 2008 Heather Paulson was invited to become a member of The Internet Oldtimers Foundation. She has passed the Google professionals certification twice. Heather also blogs at Paulson Management Group Blog. You can follow Heather on Twitter: @Heatherpaulsons.

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  1. Hi, Heather…

    As luck would have it Vistaprint is presenting on a Webinar panel I'm hosting in 2 weeks (along with Jonathan Miller of Forge; Carolyn Tang of Shareasale; Patrick Goodfellow of AMWSO; Jamie Birch of Converseon) discussing the flip side — the merchant's perspective. Topic:

    "Should marketers use multiple affiliate networks and if so HOW?"

    See you at ad:tech, indeed. I'm sure we'll run into each other and perhaps at the AffSpy booth.

    So, Heather, what's the revenue model and who's behind Affspy?

  2. Hi Linda,

    Nice! I am excited to check this out – it is amazing to see all of the dream tools come to fruition after all of these years, this is a much needed tool for affiliates.

    Thanks Linda I will!!

  3. Linda Buquet says:

    Hi Heather,

    It’s pretty impressive. I really like the way you can see and easily compare offers and get a preview of the landing page without having to click on it. Since I’m not a CPA affiliate I have not been able to put it to good use. Hopefully some day soon I’ll have time to actually do some affiliate marketing.

    Stephen gave me a press pass in Feb and then let me into the beta March 1st. So I bet you could get in after writing this piece. 😉

    Have fun at Ad-Tech!

  4. Hey Jeff*

    Looking forward to seeing you at Ad-Tech! I will be in on the 14th and will bringing another Paulson Management Group team member with me, my video will be in hand and I will be making an announcement while there –

    Concerning revenue model I would assume it is on the network side, who is behind Affspy? Still checking things out.. 😉

    See you soon Mr. Molander 😉 PLEASE wear that cool pink shirt again!!

  5. Jim Lillig says:

    AffSpy is brilliant. Stephen Gill and his team is behind it. Without a doubt this will “change the game”. By being able to immediately size up the spread an offer has in multiple networks, affiliates are now able to have the transparency to know who has the best payout on identical offers.

    Even if they are not named the same, most advertisers don’t even take the time or effort to white label a particular program for a particular network. I am assuming that with AffSpy, OfferVault and others moving into the space we will see a reduction to “margin busting”. The practice of listing the same offer with multiple networks at multiple payouts.

    The practice may not be entirely the advertiser’s fault, in that they may not be totally aware that the first network they brought it to, is now brokering it out to other networks at slightly lower payouts than their own.

    AffSpy makes this practice easy to spot. As an advertiser, ignorance of how networks cross publish as well as just plain being lazy and not creating (and testing) multiple high converting front ends that can be placed as white labels will result in lower publisher uptake and poor vertical penetration into key pockets of qualified users.

    Jeff, on your panel, make sure to mention that Yes advertisers should run in multiple networks, but they should have a long term strategy in mind so that they can start wide, and then pare down the networks to only those that perform at or above a tested benchmark level. Then work with them to capture the best publishers in their vertical. This is a way to win with the networks, not to be used by them for their own marginal gains. This way, the network get consistently converting offers to promote to their best publishers, and the advertiser isn’t chasing down fraud complaints.

  6. Hey, Jim…
    Some intelligent comments from a true industry veteran. Nice to hear and I’ll be quoting you as part of the program. Thanks for offering the community such great advice/insights.

  7. Hi Jim,

    Well I am in, this is a very clean app, like riding a in a porche, whistle clean and fast. The networks need to run to these people this will become the new standard for affiliates – filtering sets I am sure will be more developed as Affspy develops to ensure affiliates are able to drill down to find program based on terms and restrictions etc.

  8. Angelo says:

    As the co-owner of a large network of CPA sites I'd say that this is a handy tool but I wouldn't go so far as to say amazing or revolutionary much less changing the game.

    The bulk of offers come from just a few networks, the rest of the networks just run them as 2nd or 3rd tiers, offering them for a lower price and skimming off the top so it only takes a few min to log into the few biggest networks to see who has what.

    As for comparing the pricing, the published payout doesn't mean much. I negotiate the payouts on all offers that I run which is typical with CPA affiliates. I still have to contact the networks to see who will offer me the best rate based on what they can afford and the volume of traffic I send them.

    The main selling point that I can see is for advertisers, letting them see who is running their offer 2nd and 3rd tier through other networks.

  9. OK, well I ran into the team at ad:tech, the photos are in an can be found here.