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AT&T and SBC Launch B2B Affiliate Network

AT&T Inc. Announces Online Business Affiliate Network Program; Program Enables Businesses and Organizations to Earn Commissions by Promoting AT&T Services via Their Web Sites.

SBC is a mega company and a move like this should be taken as a very exciting indicator of the Affiliate Industry taking the lead in effective online marketing.

Greg Shepard

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Greg Shepard, the Chief Strategy Officer of Pepperjam, is a seasoned veteran in building and running sustainable growth businesses. Inspired by the unique perspective he garnered as both a merchant and affiliate in past ventures, Greg established AffiliateTraction and it has since expanded into the largest multi-national affiliate marketing agency with offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, London and Sydney. In January of 2016, AffiliateTraction was acquired by eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. In April of 2016, eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions became Pepperjam, resurrecting a familiar name in the performance marketing space.

2 Responses to AT&T and SBC Launch B2B Affiliate Network

  1. I researched it for a little bit and found what appears to be an old BeFree page.

    – Eder

  2. So… who runs either of these programs? Who’s technology? Their own?