Best Marketing Campaigns: What Offline Tells the Online Marketer

marketing-681180_960_720The best marketing campaigns are synchronized online and offline marketing campaigns that take hints from each other. These integrated marketing efforts cover all bases without missing a step, filling in the holes that each strategy might have alone. However, some marketers put too much faith in the online portion of a campaign. There are some things that offline marketing does that online marketing should do. Here is exactly what to look for.

Dropping Business Cards : QR code

Perhaps the oldest business technique is still a relevant one. Business cards should be an invitation to a website as well as to a storefront. Depending on where you meet your potential customer, they may be more likely to check you out online anyway. 80 percent of Millennials will check a business out online before making a purchase, even if they are in the storefront.

The equivalent of a business card in the digital world is the QR code, a symbol that can be read by a smartphone and instantly connect a potential customer to a website. Put these codes up in your windows and whenever you have a banner out. They are immediately recognizable, so people who have the ability to use it will do so.

Advertising Businesses via Billboard : Banners

The world of online advertising can be quite difficult to navigate if you do not make analogies to the real world. The ads that you see on the side of search engines and blogs are the same online as the billboard is offline. Knowing how to utilize these resources in both places maximizes your ad spend.

You want to have your offline billboards in the right location. Your ads should be pointing right at your target market. However, random foot traffic is a bonus. This is the same strategy that you should employ online. Suppose that you do not have the money to compete for the ads on the major search engines, just like you probably cannot purchase the most expensive aluminum signage just off the exit. This may actually work to your advantage.

If you build your online location in low-key, high-impact spots, you get better traffic for less money. Why have a billboard on the highway when most of the people who see it were not looking for your service in the first place? Instead of looking to the search engines, you can look to niche blogs and message boards to find the people who are interested in your industry in the first place. You will get a higher click through rate and a lower bounce rate, which should move swiftly into a higher overall conversion rate. This is your shade cloth fence, protecting you and simultaneously enticing your customers.

Magazines : Newsletter


Magazines are still an excellent offline strategy because of their targeted audience. The equivalent of the magazine online might be the industry blog or newsletter. Once you have gained the trust of your targeted market, signing them up for a newsletter can be a great way to stay in touch with them without relying on the hard sell to remind them that you exist. Everyone is always happy to get information about an industry they have already shown an interest in. Take advantage of this curiosity to keep your brand at the top of your customer’s minds.

Use ads in niche blogs to grab the email and other contact information of your target market. You may then use this as an opt-in list to your newsletter.

Catalogues : E-store

Catalogues are still in heavy use because of the notion of the exclusive discount. The people who use these devices are always happy when they think they are getting a deal that no one else is getting. You can create the same type of effect with your online marketing.

Imagine if your newsletter took your readers to a special e-store that had special discounts or early-release products that were only available to them! How special would these people feel? Do you think they might come back to your store and pay more attention to your newsletter when you send it out? The likelihood is high.

You can also try an online coupon that is exclusive to your target customers. This can be a version of your catalogue online. It will serve as a reward to your most loyal customers and give you a tiered level marketing strategy that is usually reserved to the bigger companies.

Building Local Events to Engage Customers: Social Media Channels

There is nothing better for online marketing than an offline event. If you think about the content that engages you the most, that content is not memes or jokes. They are events that are really happening. Viewing them online and seeing the smiles of customers and how a business interacts with its community brings you into the magic of the moment. There is no other way to do this, really. You must build local PR through local events.

As you market your local PR event, you can build your social media presence at the same time. Hype up your event endlessly on your platforms. It is not a hard sell, so you get your brand in front of your customers without pressuring them. You can also plug special giveaways at the event. Capture data through a giveaway or an auction. Save them until the end so people stay for the entire time.

Some of the savviest business owners will target and partner with a local charity that already has a large social media presence. This works especially well if you are catering to the Millennial generation or to retirees. You can build your audience off of their audience, cross-posting and linking to their sites as well.

Your digital campaign can and should build off of your offline marketing. Do not overlook the advantages of using the classic techniques like the fence sign beside the modern technology for the best results. Your competitors are likely doing it, and if not, you gain an immediate advantage over them as soon as you do – take the tips above straight to the bank!

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