CA Breaking News: Schwarzenegger Opposes Tax Nexus Legislation

I just saw this come through:

Following’s announcement that it will pull its affiliate advertising from California due to the legislature’s proposal to increase taxes and the announcements of other companies such as threatening to follow suit, Governor Schwarzenegger today reiterated his deep commitment to not raising taxes to solve our state’s budget deficit and announced will reinstate California-based internet affiliate advertisers:

“After passing the largest tax increase in California history, it makes absolutely no sense to go back to the taxpayers to solve the current shortfall – that’s why yesterday I vetoed the majority vote tax increase passed by the legislature. With unemployment at an all time high, we should be doing everything we can to – keep jobs and create jobs – in California. That is why my Administration immediately contacted when we learned of this news and, I am pleased to announce has reversed its decision and will continue to do business with affiliates here in California. I will continue to fight to keep jobs and businesses in California.”

California lawmakers proposed a tax on affiliate advertising and sent legislation to the Governor, but as promised he vetoed it because we cannot solve our budget deficit by raising taxes and driving businesses out of the state. estimates its internet affiliate advertisers in California create millions of dollars in revenue.

I applaud Governor Schwarzenegger and his staff for taking a stance in favor of small businesses and fairness. While this is a step in the right direction, we still face this serious issue in multiple states, including California.

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