How To Create Health + Diet Display Ads That Convert

diet-display-adsUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard that the weight loss industry is pretty huge. Now bringing in over $55 billion-a-year, this industry has become a grand place for performance marketers to gain a substantial piece of that low-fat pie.

With an endless amounts of weight loss products and offers available, all that’s left for performance marketers to do is figure out how to create top performing display and text ads to reel in top quality traffic.

One of the best ways to gain inspiration for making killer ads is to take a look into what’s working for others.

In order to compare the top performing ads related to the word ‘diet’ we ran a keyword search using the WhatRunsWhere’s competitive intelligence tool. When you have all of the top performing ads from all around the web right in front of you it becomes very easy to compare and contrast for similarities and differences.

Here are a few successful tips gained from the top performing health and diet display ads…

1.    Trigger Feelings to Motivate

The most successful campaigns, both online and offline are ones that trigger the viewer to feel something that motivates them to act. The imagery, coloring and copy used all make a big impact on the overall ‘feel’ of your ad.

Depending on what you are trying to sell, the feelings you will want to trigger will vary significantly. For instance, fast food restaurant display ads will almost always have a picture of food to try and make you feel hungry.

When it comes to the diet niche, top-performing display ads are usually created to trigger hope and fear in the viewer.

Take a look at the ads below…


Each ad has been designed to grab the attention of the consumer who wants to eliminate “belly fat”. The ads hint that there is a simple suggestion to rid yourself of the problem (hope), but also that eating certain foods will cause the problem to worsen (fear and guilt).

2.    Picture Commonly Eaten Foods in Graphics

When people see something that is familiar to them it instantly grabs their attention. Marketers have been using this trick for ages and it works equally well for display ads.

These ads use images of healthy food to get you thinking about trimming down and being nutritious…


Some weight loss ads such as the ones used in the first example, use imagery of commonly eaten ‘healthy’ foods to hint to the consumer that the food that they think are healthy may be causing you problems.

Fifteen out of twenty of the top performing display ads associated with diet followed this trick.

3.    Bold Short Copy and Strong Call to Action

This is true for any and all display ads. Sometimes you have less than a second to try and catch the attention of the consumer.

Using an ad like this one, won’t get you too far…


Instead stick to one point per ad and entice consumers to click with a catchy header and clear call to action

Take a look at these ads…


Both of these ads happen to be talking about achieving your New Year’s goal weight, but they have more important elements in common.  They are both very clear, use powerful copy and have a clear call to action.

With obesity rates on the rise, the diet and weight loss industry isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon.  In fact, it will most likely continue to grow.

Try boosting your diet and weight loss campaigns with these tips and watch your performance soar.

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