How to Create and Run an Effective Real Estate Facebook Account

social-network-76532_640Social media is a very powerful thing. It can allow you to make direct connections with consumers and network with potential clients.

One industry that can certainly benefit from internet social networking is real estate. However, many real estate companies may still be confused on how to best harness the power of social media sites like Facebook.

Below are five best practices for real estate Facebook pages.

  1. Use Facebook to Reach Clients

One of the best things about Facebook is that it’s a great way to network with clients and convert leads into sales. In the past, keeping records of potential leads’ was more of a hassle. The business cards handed out to those people would usually get lost or thrown out.

However, adding leads on a Facebook helps solve many of those problems. If you run an open house, for example, you can simply add all the leads produced to your Facebook account to keep better track of them without the possibility of quickly losing contact.

  1. Facebook as Advertising

Social media is a great way to conduct advertising campaigns. For one, it allows you to send the message directly to the consumers who are most likely to respond to it. This is certainly not the case for any other form of advertising. Better yet, it costs absolutely nothing.

However, on Facebook, you will need to make an attempt to be a bit more subtle. People don’t like seeing “spam” on their social media feeds. If you go too gimmicky, you will likely lose followers. Instead, be more direct. Post attractive photos and descriptions of the homes you are trying to advertise. Nothing else is really needed.

  1. Stay Consistent

As with any form of blogging, one of the keys of keeping an audience on Facebook is consistency. This means consistency in the kind of content you post whether it is business related, personal, interesting articles or a mix of different content. Try to appeal to your audience. You know who they are and what they may be interested in.

Also stay consistent in regards to when you update. For example, you may choose to update each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Keeping it on a schedule can keep people interested.

  1. Keep a Professional Image

In general, there are two options for real estate Facebook accounts. You can create a personal Facebook account as a real estate agent or a business page for the real estate company. If you choose to create a real estate agent profile page for company business only, try to keep your posts straight forward by advertising homes on the market in the most professional way possible.

If you choose to run a personal account to communicate with clients on a more personal level, you can let loose a bit more. However, still keep those personal posts as non-offensive and un-divisive as possible. You don’t want to post something that could drive away clients or reflect poorly on your company. Also make sure you fully understand how to use Facebook and its privacy settings. You don’t want to accidently make public something you only intended for certain followers to see in private.

  1. Combine Facebook with Your Other Marketing Strategies

There is also an opportunity to integrate your Facebook into other forms of advertising you are already using. For example, if you use direct mail, you could print the URL of the Facebook page on the advertisement. If you run a real estate blog or company newsletter, you could also use the Facebook page as a means to get those articles out to more people. There are many possibilities.

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