Day 1 of AM Days: Insights You Can Put to Work Today

At the conclusion of the first day of Affiliate Management Days, I would submit that it was singularly the most educational day I’ve spent at a conference in quite some time.

Starting with Tim Ash’s (SiteTuners) entertaining opening keynote, highlighting why you should really spend more resources worrying about affiliate link landing pages than you currently are, and ending with Jason Spievak of RingRevenue pointing out the value of taking your affiliate tracking to the “offline” world, Day One was jam packed with information.

I focused on Track One, and saw presentations from Todd Crawford of ImpactRadius, Chris Goward of WiderFunnel, Julia Barrett (until recently with eBay), and Ali Pasha of the Google Affiliate Network.

Take the Time to Measure

One thing, in my eyes, was driven home in most of these seminars: Measuring success is key in affiliate marketing, and becoming even more so as time goes on. That said, each measurement has to make sense and have the best interest of your affiliate partners in mind.  Math will never replace the human relationship, but it can certainly augment it.

In particular, it was inspiring to listen to Todd Crawford outline the value of multi-channel attribution, why it’s important to affiliate managers, and why it will be a mainstream practice soon. It can only serve to further define the value of the affiliate channel and better define the ultimate business outcomes that affiliate partners create and/or influence.

Affiliates Today and Tomorrow

Julia Barrett was fantastic in defining who those affiliates are, both today and tomorrow. She intimated on a few occasions that you never know who you’re talking to when you’re meeting an affiliate for the first time.  They might be a blogger with 10 visitors a week or they might run a comparison site catering to a million shoppers a day.  Or they could be the former that will end up being the latter in a few years.

At the close of the day, Jason Spievak of RingRevenue talked about the future of performance marketing as it relates to offline tracking in the form of phone call revenue.  He indicated that online marketing still makes up a small percentage of overall advertising spend, so getting involved in offline/phone tracking through the performance channel is bound to be a strong growth segment in the near future.

More tonight after I attend the Day 2 sessions.  Overall, a fantastic first day at AM Days San Francisco

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