Eggnog with Too Much Punch & The Year of Doom

Either I am getting soft and/or someone tripled the alcohol level in Jeff Molander’s egg nog during his last podcast. I no longer take part in them after the initial run, and I am actually planning some of my own as we go into 2007, but this one was truly unique:

Freudian slips?
Todd Crawford hanging in a holiday tree?
Molander singing?

We also discover Scott Jangro’s list.

I give Jeff Molander an “A” for effort .

On that note I will spend my new dawn thinking , reflecting on what I would like to see happpen in 2007 in online marketing. I would pledge I will be a kinder, softer, less prone to get into a cage-match person- more vulnerable and easy going, but that isn’t likely to happen- I know me too well. Actually I am an approachable guy so if you see me at the Summit- please stop and say hi, shake hands, and buy me a soda and put it on Todd Crawford’s bill.

There are many things to work as a person and in business and I will think on these things- is change around the corner? Will 2007 be the year I put down the shotgun, or at least put a flower in the pistol? Maybe it should be before I become too jaded. I have been battling malware for a long time and it has taken its toll… perhaps a sabbatical where I write poetry and new forces take over.

Until then I leave readers with the obligatory year-end “predictions” but only a few…you’ll get plenty elsewhere.

1) Courtesy Sam of CPN, who goes on to quote Steve Rubel about “Open Source Marketing”

Obviously, you know that I say it’s an opportunity. The days of throwing a release on the wire and seeing what comes back are over. It’s time the PR industry begins to apply the new, low cost tools that are popping up everyday; tools like Skype, PubSub, iPodder, TypePad, and more

We have open source software, we even have an open source film, but open source marketing? Let’s understand open source….that means people get to play with it, tinker with it, make boomerangs out of it, sometimes pull stunts and they WILL do the unexpected. (e.g. Steve- like offering you a Monkey Phone Call via LinkedIn). Yep- open source is the way to go, just remember there are people like me with rogue sub-routines waiting in the bushes. You cannt defend against them- so go with them.

The PR industry as a whole needs to learn how to use the tools responsibly before they can embrace advanced strategies like ARGs or working in a multiverse. Otherwise they will keep turning the conversation into a fued, the stream into a battlefield and the trust wil erode like land on fault lines.

Really it is very simple. Be passionate, be as transparent as you can bear and if you a make a mistake- own up to it. You don’t have to bare your soul, just be a human being and respect the pluralistic nature of being human. We can expect nothing more out of each other.

2) Web2.0 is an aesthetic bump for the next iteration of the Net- in particular the use of metadata. I won’t go to deep there, but there you go- metadata.

3) Metrics and how we view them will evolve. Exactly how I am not sure, but they will because the current set doesn’t cut the mustard. Especially when you grow more experienced and figure out the message should come from a number of places and it doesn’t have to reverberate back to your web logs to register.

4) The Year of Doom- I don’t believe in doom. I believe we have it in us. I just said Doom because it seems important to have some sort of doom in your predictions- like a comic book or something.

There you go- 1, 2, 3, 4 Happy and Safe New Year….please don’t drink and do media buys.

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Wayne Porter is one of the original founders of, and served as the CEO and founder of XBlock Systems a specialized research firm on greynets and malware research before being acquired by unified communications security leader, Factime Security Labs. His work includes serving as a panlist at the Federal Trade Commission to shape legislation on software and the creation of two patent-pending technologies for corporate networks. Wayne is a frequent speaker at e-commerce & business events including CJU, ASW and RSA and frequently cited in the press. He has been designated a Microsoft Security MVP three times and is recognized on Google’s Responsible Security Disclosure page- in addition to receiving the first Summit Legend Award. Wayne currently works as a Security Consultant on Social Media and operates a consultancy on digital worlds. His hobbies include reading science fiction, playing chess, fishing, writing, collecting shiny digital gadgets, playing racquetball and studying memetic engineering. He maintains a personal weblog at detailing his explorations in security, web 2.0, and virtual worlds.
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