G.I. Jane Challenge To Help Save The Boobies

Over the years Missy Ward, Affiliate Summit Co-Founder and ReveNews Co-Publisher, has been tireless in her fundraising campaigns towards fighting breast cancer and the affiliate marketing industry has responded to her rallying call very generously over the years. Despite a down-turned economy, Missy’s fundraising efforts, through her non-profit AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com, yielded record donations of over $73,000. This brings Missy’s total fundraising efforts to over $200,000.

We’ve All Been Touched

Who hasn’t been touched personally at some point in their lives by cancer? At the moment, I have several friends who are facing this fight. Nor have I forgotten the people I’ve known in our industry who we have lost to this disease.

The fact that I’ve recently had more than one friend diagnosed with cancer has gotten me thinking more about the importance of the efforts by people like Missy who coordinate fundraising efforts and increase awareness as well as those who are willing to donate both their time and money to find a cure for this disease.

The Challenge And The Promise

AffiliateMarketersGiveBack fundraising efforts for 2011 are already well underway. How much will AMGB be able to raise this year? I’m confident, given Missy’s tenacity and dedication; it will be more than last year.

Here’s the deal. If AMGB is able to collect at least $75,000 this year, I will do a G.I. Jane. Everyone remembers Demi Moore in the movie, right? I’m not talking about the one arm push-ups either (like that would or could ever happen). I’m talking about the electric clippers coming out for the buzz cut (there is a picture of me to the left, on the far left, receiving a Pinnacle Award from Shawn Collins and Missy).  Maybe I’ll even have them shave the cancer awareness ribbon on the back of my head (I’m totally not sure if the gal who cuts my hair does that kind of thing). All for only $2k more than what AMGB raised last year, so it’s a totally doable number.

If AMGB is able to raise $100k this year, I will take out all the stops, and the clippers and the razor will come out. Yep, I mean all of it off. Bald.

Opportunity Knocks…Go Ahead And Answer The Door

For all of those in the industry that I’ve reported on in the past (*cough* Zango *cough*) or have just been a royal pain in the butt for, here’s your chance for a bit of payback. Go ahead and make the donation, it’s for a very good cause.

To all my friends, go ahead and support my moment of craziness. It’s for a good cause.

There have already been some large corporate donations made to this year’s drive. If you are an individual or a small affiliate, don’t let that stop you from making a donation as well. Every dollar matters, whether is ten or ten thousand. I have it on good authority that Missy is equally grateful for the small donations as the large corporate donations. If you make a donation be sure to post here and let me know. You don’t have to say how much and I promise there will be no retaliation, only a big thank-you.

It’s in the hands of the affiliate marketing community now. In a few months will I be looking like Pat Grady or Jeremy Schoemaker?

Make A Donation Now

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20 Responses to G.I. Jane Challenge To Help Save The Boobies

  1. affiliatetip says:

    Now we really need to kick in the fundraising efforts to get you a shiny head!

  2. @MissyWard says:

    Oh Kelli! You're crazy!!!!!! We're off to a good start with this walk so far with over $17k raised towards the June 25-26 walk (http://www.DonateToTeamAMGB.com). I don't know… I might have to shave my own darn head to get to $100k and I don't know if I'm ready for that!

  3. Go ahead and kick it Shawn..that's the point. 🙂

    You know I'm crazy Missy. You are off to a good start with the $17k so far. Should be a piece of cake…or may it's a walk in the park..errr walk in the mountains. But I'm not sure if you could shave your head with all the traveling you do. Can you imagine trying to get through security based on your current photo ID?

    • Missy Ward says:

      I already have problems with my existing photo ID becuase it shows me with short blonde hair from when I was 29! They don't make you change your photo in Florida, so I've not yet done it. I will keep looking like I'm 29 until they make me change it!

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  5. TrishaLyn says:

    What a crazy idea! Good luck with the Chrome Dome Kelly!

  6. Thanks to @sabrinaomalone for her generous donation!

  7. Pat Grady says:

    LOVE IT!!! Great move for a great cause!!!

    "In a few months will I be looking like Pat Grady or Jeremy Schoemaker?"
    I'll mail you some baggy cargo shorts, but you're gonna have to buy the ugly stick. 🙂

  8. Kathy Austin says:

    Oh, this should be fun!!!! I can't wait to see your bald head…cause you KNOW the target will be met. You need one of those red thermometer things to show the progress of the donations.

  9. Kathy Austin says:

    Oh and when you shave it, you have to video it and put it online!

    • Evil sister! You really want to hear me whimper on video??? LOL. Note to self: Hide the dog shears before she gets here on Saturday. They got to get to $100k first. Keyword first.

  10. @dculpepper says:

    Donation made! Don't forget… we want videos! 😉

  11. Ok, the team is close but with one week left we are $8k short of having Kellie shave her hair. So far team Affiliate Marketers Give Back has raised just over $67,000. We need to hit $75,000 to reach our goal. We can, with your help! http://info.avonfoundation.org/site/TR/Walk/Denver?team_id=93210&pg=team&fr_id=2040

  12. missyward says:

    Looks like all of our funds are in now for the 2011 walk and I’m excited to say that we’ve raised $75,330.00 in total.   Know what that means @KellieAFP:twitter !