Green Eggs and Sam Harrelson

It is that time again…somehow I end up writing about “that time again”.

Often I forget to give thanks to those around me. The people who inspire in little and big ways. I decided I wanted to support “wholesome things” and I wanted to support Sam. I remember the April Fool’s joke…yet I look around at the numbers of people, the comments, the feeds, the critical thinking by some and I know, just as Jim knew it was time for him to step aside, Sam is on that path too. ReveNews is demanding…so what is in the future? I don’t know. I am not here to set the path, as a minority stakeholder, I am here to give thanks right now- where it is due, and Sam has proven to be the right stuff.

Going Gold

As a Gold Sponsor of an event I found intriguing in the “metaverse”, and rather appropriate, I guess I am allowed to “sell” whatever I wish. I am not sure what would you call it other than selling “thanks” or giving thanks for a few select people I know astronomy and education, outer space and creativity mean more than currency…see below:

Sam Describes Himself

Sam Harrelson is an online (primarily affiliate) marketing consultant. Sam is based out of the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. With a wide academic background including studies in Ancient Near Eastern Archaelogy, String Theory and Divinity School, Sam views the online marketing world through a wide lens and focuses on the industry’s ability to reach individuals, form communities and create social networks.

Instead of “consumers,” Sam sees individuals as producers of content and investigates how developing technologies and applications furthers the ability of people to participate in marketing efforts rather than just consume. Sam has over six years in the affiliate marketing industry with experience as a publisher, email marketer, website owner, Director of Business Development, Senior Vice President, and advertiser along with previously writing articles for the Digital Moses Confidential and ReveNews.

How I Describe Sam
Sam Harrelson: I met Sam years ago, and for those of you caught the Stainless Steel Rat podcast, you can understand why I have an affinity for someone who pushes me onward to think and try new things. The Podcast explains how we met, and lots of other strange snippets, and along the way we have had some interesting adventures- from desert camp-outs to Ubuntu, from very long podcasts and my penchant for monkey phone calls- I am often a slow student. I appreciate your tenure at ReveNews Sam, and while saddened you won’t be there- i know you will be everywhere and where to find you. Thank you. I do not think you are a marketer or an affiliate– I think you are a teacher.

* he didn’t say consumers, did I teach anything?

You are Welcome Here and Thank You

It is rare we take the time out to tell these people their impact, let alone thank them. I should know better, but I still take people for granted. Probably because I am too busy realizing just how little I know, or perhaps that is human nature or how I am wired. This Convention in Second Life Cyberspace is a celebration of creativity, of pure creation, space and more. I hope to have photos and machinima up as it goes- If I can get some help from the geeks out there. Others can go in world to watch it built, or you can go on the official dates and explore.

I hope you visit the Convention…and Sam is one of the four people (detailed on my personal site) I have had the Gold Sponsorship dedicated to- for his pursuit of knowledge and willingness to share- TO TEACH and EXPLORE. Visit their sites, or read their feeds, if they have them, or a tip or a sponsorship. Contribute or start something- anything – to call attention to those that make a difference in your life…the only caveat would be my father (listed later)- if you can’t key at 80 wpm in Morse code…well…avoid him. Avoid him anyway. He likes watching the stars in quiet. Shoot for the stars Sam!

Second Life Sponsorships

Fourth Annual Satellite Convention
4th Annual Satellite Exhibition
This year’s exhibition 22nd to 23rd March 2008

The exhibition seeks to demonstrate the various autonomous, moving, scripted projects that Second Life residents have created.

Visit In World You Need the Second Life client.

Check out Photos from The Grid Live: on past events…

Hosted by: Timeless Prototype
Jim Herbst + Alliance Navy

Gold Sponsor: Wayne Porter (AKA) Corwin Chevalier:

Goal: Wishes to recognize significant teachers in his life.

Last year’s: Convention and SLDevelopers

Link to ongoing event, dates, pictures, and other gold sponsor dedications.

Thank you again, Sam. Stay in Beta.

Questions? You can try me on Twitter

About Wayne Porter

Wayne Porter is one of the original founders of, and served as the CEO and founder of XBlock Systems a specialized research firm on greynets and malware research before being acquired by unified communications security leader, Factime Security Labs. His work includes serving as a panlist at the Federal Trade Commission to shape legislation on software and the creation of two patent-pending technologies for corporate networks. Wayne is a frequent speaker at e-commerce & business events including CJU, ASW and RSA and frequently cited in the press. He has been designated a Microsoft Security MVP three times and is recognized on Google’s Responsible Security Disclosure page- in addition to receiving the first Summit Legend Award. Wayne currently works as a Security Consultant on Social Media and operates a consultancy on digital worlds. His hobbies include reading science fiction, playing chess, fishing, writing, collecting shiny digital gadgets, playing racquetball and studying memetic engineering. He maintains a personal weblog at detailing his explorations in security, web 2.0, and virtual worlds.
You can follow Wayne on Twitter: @wporter.

2 Responses to Green Eggs and Sam Harrelson

  1. Elmer says:

    A moving tribute. Probably the one on this site that means somthing other than just a thank you.
    Sam, you have found a good student, it seems.

    But what happens to Revenews now?
    who takes on the mantle and lead, teaches and asks the right questions?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Wayne Porter says:


    No clear answer there yet and hey it is Friday. So I encourage people to post, to talk, whatever they like. When I know, everyone should know…and I don’t know at the moment… 🙂