How to Write Copy That Gets Conversions

It’s no secret that the key to becoming a successful affiliate marketer lies in split testing different conversion funnels and landing pages. While the design and overall functionality of your funnel is obviously important, most PPC affiliate marketers don’t take the time to ensure the copy on all of their pages is effective.

It’s not all about aesthetics folks, copy matters more than you think. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when it comes to your split testing copy.

1) Is Your Copy at a 7th Grade Reading Level?

In split testing campaigns, you’re trying to appeal to the masses, so anything that sounds creative, smart, or witty might make you feel super clever, but it will have a horrible conversion rate.
A tool that I always use to make sure my copy achieves this is a Readability Calculator. Several marketing studies have revealed that advertisers who sound highly educated are actually viewed as an untrustworthy source in the eyes of the consumer. It may sound like getting all your copy at a middle school reading level would be ridiculously easy to achieve, but it’s actually really hard.

Give the Readability Calculator a try and see how many drafts it takes for your copy to pass!


2) Is Your Copy Written in the 2nd Person (i.e. you and your)?

You’re trying to grab someone’s attention on the Internet (good luck) so you want to speak directly to the consumer. If you’re selling diet pills, instead of saying, “We lost weight with this easy trick,” write it in the 2nd person instead: “You can lose weight with this easy trick.”

People will be more likely to click if they think they will find information about themselves. Addressing people directly by using “you” and “your” immediately gets their attention, and highlights how they can directly benefit from using the product.

3) Are Your Sentences Short?

You want short, sound bite sentences with a clear call to action. Your sentences should be easy to remember, and effectively communicate one idea. Want practice? If you don’t already, start tweeting consistently. Composing a tweet is very similar to how you would approach writing online direct marketing copy.

For the most part, people browsing the Internet are scanners, especially when it comes to someone who clicked on your ad. They clicked because they were intrigued. Keep the momentum up with short, excited, staccato sentences. Long-winded sentences with too much explanation will confuse people and drag down the whole vibe. You want to move them through that funnel briskly, and secure that lead or sale before they even know what happened.

4) Do You Split Test Your Headlines?

It may sound obvious, but many affiliate marketers get so consumed by different elements of development and design that they forget about one of the most important aspects of their campaign — the headline. Make sure to isolate your headline to make sure you’re always running a winner one.

Oftentimes, the copy behind a split testing campaign is little more than an afterthought. If you’re plugging in some copy at the last minute after tweaking everything else on the page to be just right, you could be losing conversions by not paying closer attention to what you’re writing. One typo, or confusing sentence can easily scare away a potential customer or make a promising lead lose trust in you. Maximize your conversions by asking yourself these 4 key questions about the copy in your conversion funnel.

About Jessica Ruane

Jessica Ruane is a copywriter and content specialist for Instant Checkmate. To read more of her work, check out the company blog  she writes.

One Response to How to Write Copy That Gets Conversions

  1. Sunday says:

    Jessica Ruane’s take on a copy that would convert easily is a reminder that affiliates should always consider the reader when writing copies.

    From the headlines, contents, down to the call to action, the landing pages must be compelling enough for the reader to take the action needed.

    So, the questions suggested should be considered by affiliates that are learning to write copies to convert leads!