News Brief: GoldenCAN & Data Integration Creates Opportunities for Affiliates

Less can be more, and marketers are always looking for ways to simplify their business processes. The November 8 announcement of a new GoldenCAN data feed integration for, the largest affiliate marketing network in the UK, promises just that for members of’s affiliate network.

With new access to the data feed solution provider’s technology, members will be able to build online stores using just one line of HTML code, a vastly streamlined process that requires no technical knowledge.

GoldenCAN will also introduce its suite of data feed integration tools to members, including Store Integration, Coupon Integration, and Search Integration. According to the release, these options will allow affiliates to “showcase a variety of products in an attractive storefront style, feature coupons, and to create a search solution across their site for multiple advertisers.” The bottom line is variety and simplicity for affiliates.

“We are very excited to bring on board and extremely confident that affiliates are now in a better position to build full featured stores with enhanced functionality. Affiliates will be able to incorporate millions of products, thousands of coupons, and recent price drops,” says GoldenCAN founder Asif Malik.

Meanwhile, Kim Salvino, Head of Publishers for U.S. sees the integration as a win-win-win scenario for, its members, and GoldenCAN:

“As a leading global affiliate network, we are constantly looking to add value for our publishers and advertisers, including helpful tools and technology. GoldenCAN is a valuable partnership for and enables us to offer flexible promotional tools and superior service for both parties.”

According to the press release, “GoldenCAN and’s team see this powerful combination producing long-lasting, highly-anticipated results as well as a profitable growth for affiliate marketers.”

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