News Brief: LinkShare Beats the Industry and Rakuten Joins the Logo

February has been a busy month for LinkShare. Most recently LinkShare announced the results of its fourth quarter in 2011:

  • 45 percent increase in clicks compared to an industry increase of 21 percent
  • 7 percent increase in average order value compared to an industry increase of 5 percent
  • 79 percent increase in sales compared to an industry increase of 22 percent

The numbers seem to indicate that LinkShare has followed through on its strategy to deliver a broad range of search engine marketing successfully. Specifically, Linkshare has gone beyond:

…paid search such as display, retargeting, YouTube, and Facebook…to increase brand exposure and sales for clients. Planning and optimizing for each channel individually, as well as part of a broader marketing plan, has led to greater conversion and profitability.

On the heels of this news came the official unveiling this morning of a new logo with LinkShare officially switching from “LinkShare, a Rakuten Company” to Rakuten LinkShare. The move is a clear sign that Rakuten wants to continue increasing awareness of the company beyond its home territory.

It follows two years of aggressive expansion by Rakuten, including the purchase of Kobo,, and Each of these announcements only seems to confirm Rakuten’s goal to build its international presence, and LinkShare’s continued success supports those efforts. All signs point to this organization trying to claim as much market share as possible. It will be interesting to watch how other networks respond to the challenge and what they offer to counter Rakuten’s strategy.

One Response to News Brief: LinkShare Beats the Industry and Rakuten Joins the Logo

  1. I thinks that’s a good news! Still have ti wait and see the consequences to get a better idea though!