Testing a New Strategy – Domain Parking vs Amazon’s aStore

I few months back I went on a binge of buying a bunch of expiring domain names with Google PR values and inbound links. I parked these domains at Sedo Pro, a great parking site that hosts your site, provides relevant pay per click advertising, and allows you control over the keyword list and look and feel.

Today I was going through my list of “high traffic” domains, those domains in your parked portfolio that are getting the most traffic, and I noticed a few that would make some good shopping sites. I took a look at popshops, and ultimately decided to test out Amazon’s aStore program.

Amazon’s aStore lets me setup a site with any products or category of products from amazon. I have the ability to put in specific products, specitic categories, or items matching specific keywords within a category. It’s pretty cool actually. There are a lot of other options for customizing the colors, links, and sections that are displayed.

After about 5-10 minutes of customization I had created a store, and shortly thereafter, I had 3 stores setup and I 301 redirected the domains to the Amazon stores:

It would be interesting of Amazon actually made a way that you could easily host these stores under the actual domain name instead of having to 301 redirect them or implement them in a frame. I am not sure if being on the astore.amazon.com domain will add any search value.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this type of strategy for domains with traffic, do you think it’s a good way to monetize them? I would think this should do better than the parking pages.

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10 Responses to Testing a New Strategy – Domain Parking vs Amazon’s aStore

  1. chipseo says:

    I have tried and currently used both domain parking and the amazon aStore, my results have been neither one work very well. I outlined the godaddy parking account in a recent article post in some detail, total earnings etc, I should do that for aStore as well.

    I think the aStore has it beat by a little bit. Scott

  2. shawn says:

    Does domain parking mean that you buy a domain and let it sit with no content on the page, except Google ads?

  3. Pardon the shameless self promotion, Adam, but if you are going to try Amazon’s aStore as a monetization tool for your parked domains it would be worthwhile to try PopShops as well. Our functionality is similar to aStore with a better UI and our catalog is over 25 million skus covering 1300 merchants across the big 4 affiliate networks. Might be worth a try.

  4. shawn says:

    Oh ok. Thanks for that Adam. Now, when you parked your GoDaddy domain name and earned cash on that domain parking, did you have to pay extra for that after the purchase of the domain name , or….???:-)

  5. That's interesting! Would love to know the conversion rates for this. Anyone on it?

  6. Have you considered setting up a BANS store yet?

  7. iLan says:

    Hello Adam,

    I used to like the AStore service a lot, since I found out about Zlio.com. They provide you with the same kind of service, meaning opening your own store in 3 clicks, but the main differences with aStore, are:
    – you can pick products from hundred merchants ((Apple.com, Buy.com, Barnes&Noble, etc.) instead of only one with Amazon
    – you have an integrated price comparison search engine for your visitors…
    – you can fully customize your shop as much as you want.

    So I would recommend you to try out this service, which I heard is doing good in the US and in Europe!

    Hope it helps!

  8. I would think that the few extra minutes it takes to incorporate an HTML datafeed would give you long term SEO benefits. It seems that the Amazon store will erode any Google PR you have pretty quickly. I would rather see a PopShops or AvantLink datafeed site with some optimized meta tags.

  9. beckham says:

    GoDaddy domain name and earned cash on that domain parking

  10. Trevor Trent says:

    Neither parking nor Astore lets you monetize your domains to the full potential. Content monetizing is still the best way. I do a microsite for each of my domains. I have actually never parked a domain name – don't like the idea of giving away my money to somebody who does nothing.