The Estimated Value of Affiliate Marketing Industry Websites

Loren Baker pointed me with his post at SEJ about domain names and website appraisals to an online tool called looks at the age of the domain, its PageRank, Alexa rating, number of inbound links and number of indexed pages in the big 3 search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN and two smaller search engines, Altavista and AllTheWeb and calculates an estimated value for the domain and its current website content.

It also throws in as a little bonus the estimated value of a text link on a single page with max. 8 paid text link. This estimate is provided by, a link broker.

Here is what dnScoop says about itself:

What is dnScoop? dnScoop is a many domain tools wrapped into one convenient package. A domain traffic tool, a domain whois tool, a domain history, a domain popularity, domain appraisal (site value report), a link value appraisal (link value report), pagerank check, an inbound links count, an indexed pages check and more.

dnScoop shows on their homepage the most valuable sites searched so far.

All time most valuable sites
Rank Site Value
1 $2,147,483,647.00
2 $1,856,624,000.00
3 $1,819,550,000.00
4 $1,687,460,000.00
5 $1,495,936,000.00
6 $1,494,075,000.00
7 $1,479,000,000.00
8 $1,347,060,000.00
9 $1,223,400,000.00
10 $1,222,194,000.00
11 $1,217,966,000.00
12 $1,212,120,000.00
13 $1,208,906,000.00

I ran the tool for a bunch of sites and the results made me create a little list with a number of affiliate marketing resources, news and community sites, affiliate marketing blogs and of course affiliate marketing networks and the value for each based on dnScoop’s evaluation.

I broke the sites into 3 groups and sorted within each the domains by estimated value,”Affiliate Marketing News Portals or Resources Sites”,”Blogs and Sites of Individuals in Affiliate Marketing” and “Affiliate Networks”

I only show the rank, domain name and value.

For everybody who want to take a closer look or crunch some numbers himself are the detailed results with all numbers to every site available for download in Excel 2007 Format and PDF Format.

Don’t take this data too serious. It does not say anything about the business or person behind the website.

Think about it as if all physical world property was sold over night and everybody who was doing anything related to the site was taking off to an island in the Caribbean without a computer or cell phone to spend the rest of their lives fishing and drinking long drinks in weird looking glasses decorated with funny hats.

Okay, better.

All that is left is the domain, the pages on that domain and that’s it. It is do be sold and the profits from the sale would be donated to a non-profit affiliate marketing organization. Kidding. Charity, okay.

However, similar methods are used today by domain name appraisal services.

I would suspect that those services use also other 3rd party providers such as comScore or Hitwise traffic to get some other important and a bit more reliable data. It is never easy, if you don’t have access to the real data such as websites logfiles and that sort of things.

Affiliate Marketing News Portals or Resources Sites
Rank Site Value
1 $ 139,000.00
2 $ 134,390.00
3 $ 88,400.00
4 $ 81,280.00
5 $ 64,680.00
6 $ 60,760.00
7 $ 37,200.00
8 $ 33,638.00
9 $ 21,590.00
10 $ 18,744.00
11 $ 12,428.00
12 $ 8,228.00
13 $ 5,183.00
14 $ 4,667.00
15 $ 3,596.00
16 $ 2,340.00
17 $ 1,510.00
18 $ 585.00

I would say that the tool is here not too far off and that the results give you some good ideas about the content and activities of the individual domains. Some sites might want to check the crawl-ability of their site and also other search engine optimization related issues. Some sites are missing a lot of content (pages) in some of the search engines.

Others might want to work on their sites “link-ability” and also get the word out a little more. A positive example is Scott’s BUMPZee project that is brand new but already gained a lot of inbound links, content and traffic. It is already ranking #11 out of #18 sites checked. It does not even got a page rank from Google assigned yet.

The Second Set:

Blogs and Sites of Individuals in Affiliate Marketing
Rank Site Value
1 $ 8,091,720.00
2 $ 462,150.00
3 $ 151,130.00
4 $ 61,160.00
5 $ 29,607.00
6 $ 20,956.00
7 $ 20,735.00
8 $ 15,925.00
9 $ 10,530.00
10 $ 7,399.00
11 $ 6,076.00
12 $ 5,704.00
13 $ 1,062.00
14 $ 806.00

I think the tool is a little bit off here. $8 Million for Really?

Mhh. a personal note to Wayne. I know him and he will not rip my head off the next time we meet for this one (I hope) hehe. Just kidding.

Wayne: PR1 for a 7 year old domain. How did you do that? Couldn’t Google make up their mind if they should ban your site altogether or not? Maybe, Yahoo! shows over 7,000 inbound links from other sites.

Must be links from either questionable sites that are owned by somebody you hunted down in the past or destroyed their “creative” work … something along: “this guy was killing my nice little worm…schnief” hehe, or from people that link to you via a links using the “nofollow” attribute, because they are still not sure if they were drunk or you when they talked to you the last time 😉

No hard feelings Wayne, but those data just don’t make sense at all and I felt that I have to say something ;).

Look at the Upstart Bloggers Sam Harrelson and Andy Beard. Good Job guys. Wade and Durk, look at these guys and do something. There are some reputations on the line here. Show the newbie’s some veteran power, you are not too old for blogging yet. 😉

Okay, enough of motivational pep-talk and time to take a look at the affiliate networks, where the results are really wacko.

Affiliate Networks
Rank Site Value
1 (tracking) $ 32,404,800.00
2 $ 24,781,950.00
3 $ 15,208,550.00
4 $ 15,189,090.00
5 $ 15,123,500.00
6 $ 7,373,250.00
7 $ 3,654,960.00
8 $ 3,192,830.00
9 $ 271,780.00
10 $ 234,315.00
11 $ 146,652.00
12 $ 66,675.00
13 $ 27,520.00
14 $ 24,359.00

Only some short comments. what is MSN seeing what nobody else sees?

Brian: Altavista, AllTheWeb and Yahoo! are the old search engines, okay. What did you use for before it became one of the leading U.S. affiliate networks, or does Slurp encounter some issues and got lost on the site (wouldn’t be the first one)?

Kolimbo: Guys, stop talking about MyApp and do something about the Network or I will buy it (for the estimated value 😉 ).

Performics: When did you start offering search marketing again? Oh, only PPC? I thought organic search too. My bad.

Okay, no hard feelings. I was just joking. It’s a tool that provides a number somehow and not made transparent or public, based on unreliable other numbers that are not made transparent or public. If you feel bad about the returned number and are unable to take it as what it is, contact Badi Jones who created the tool and asked politely if he could hard code a more favorable number into the tool for your domain and send him a nice gift afterwards for doing you this favor.

For everybody who loves the number and wants to show it off to strangers that visit your site, get the widget that shows the value of your domain for everybody to see. Also available at :).



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18 Responses to The Estimated Value of Affiliate Marketing Industry Websites

  1. Linda Buquet says:

    Very interesting to see the comparisons Carsten. It doesn't take into account earnings however and some of the sites mentioned aren't monetized well, or at all and some are. Depending on which valuation model you use 5 Star is worth several hundred thousand on top of the 88,400 for the domain value itself. But I wouldnt take an offer of less than a million. 🙂

    Anyway, fun data and an interesting read. Thanks for compiling the numbers and sharing so I don't have to.

  2. My pleasure Linda. I hope Excel 2007 works for you :). It was all just fun, but also shows a point. Those tools and numbers may be nice and fine, but don't make more out of them as it is. Consider the numbers a pointer into a direction and not the ultimate truth.

    Those things can taste quite rotten if you don't take them with a grain of salt. Take them as what they are. Nice tools , but nothing to ride your business on. 🙂

  3. Anik Singal says:

    Hey Carsten,

    A VERY interesting post indeed. I have spent a good portion of today running all my sites through that tool – it’s a bit addictive!

    But, I have to agree with Linda, not taking REVENUE into consideration is a BIG missing gaping hole in their valuation system right now.

    But fun none the less…


  4. Chelsey Langan says:

    Carsten rocks! Great info and thanks for sharing!

  5. Andy Beard says:

    Mine gets very messed up because I benefit from link equity from my old domains, and possibly domain age as well, but the tool only picks up “2 days” for my .eu and reports errors on the old domains because of the 301s

    As to monetization, it depends on what your niche is, or your niche within a niche and overall purpose.

  6. This is a pretty cool tool, to bad it doesn’t work correctly for my biggest site, it is not picking up ANY of the indexed pages from any of the search engines.

    I would like to know what valuation model Linda is talking about, geez.

  7. Sheryl says:

    Well, I consider the value of this tool about the same as a random joke generator. How can you value a domain without knowing the income it generates? You can’t.

    Try entering some of the more well known coupon sites. They value them at what I would approximate is about one to two months income.

  8. Jim Kukral says:

    Best blog yet Carsten.

  9. > Best blog yet Carsten.

    Just taking a break from affiliate marketing issues. I am not on “vacation” though. The other way around. I gave AM a break and kicked some SEM butt, verbally of course 🙂

    and Jim. I know that you love numbers as much as I do hehe. We take what we can get and make the best out of it. Whatever that might be.

  10. Wayne Porter says:


    True it is that old, but I never posted there until a few months ago.

    Not sure when or how they get their data, but I am showing a totally different mix in google. PR5 with inbounds and saturation at expected levels. Then again i don’t pay much attention to that anyway… 🙂


  11. jimbot says:

    I got a value of $40,000 for a site I’ve been trying to sell for months (for $300).

    Guess putting their “this site is worth $xx,xxx” banner on the site could’nt hurt, huh?

  12. Carsten, I’m deeply wounded. Have I done something to offend you? 🙂

    For forgot I see dnScoop values it at $162,630, which beats every affiliate marketing resource you mention.

    And no, don’t send me a check for $162,630. That’s just a fraction of its value.

  13. Allan, please don’t be.

    I am sorry for this oversight. I got the idea on the weekend around 2:00 am or so and started collecting the data before I fell asleep. This my excuse. Not the best, but I hope that it will help that you accept my apology. %)


  14. Allan says:

    All is forgiven. 🙂

    Is there any way to fix the silly typing mistake I made in my post?

  15. Mike, your anti-site is childish and how you promote it is unprofessional. The comment here will not be deleted, because it's existence hurts you more that you gain from it.

    When you refer to "stealing traffic" on your "sucks" site. What do you mean by that? They get traffic "you should have gotten"? Don't be ridicules. There is no such thing as "your traffic" that can be stolen, except hacks and browser plug-ins and BHO that intercept traffic directed directly to your site and divert it to somewhere else.

  16. Mike Call says:

    Wouldn't you be upset if someone attacked your website, accusing it of stealing content when it did not? It wouldn't be so bad if he said that to just his current visitors, but to go to many of my fans and tell them lies….that just burns me.

    …and you call it childish to be upset? You've got to know the owner of dnscoop personally, or something, because this just isn't right.

  17. Mike: No, I don't know the owner of dnscoop at all, no email, no forum or blog discussion, nothing. Read the post and you will know where I picked it up. I thought people do that before they are posting comments.

    Now you start accusation against me, did you notice that?

    Being upset is one thing, but how to react is another and that was what I referred to.

    I heart about you for the first time, when you used my blog for you personal hate campaign. I never heard of you before and who knows, if any of the people in this discussion at my blog ever heard about you.

    Got it? If not, pause for a minute and think. Thank you.

  18. Mike Call says:

    This website is a look-alike of, and it’s a bad one at that. They use under-handed tactics to steal website traffic! Please read this for a better explanation: