Video Impressions and Comments from BlogWorld Expo 2007

BlogWorld ExpoOkay, this is a first for me, but I am at BlogWorld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas, which is reason enough for me to take the step into the territory of video blogging.
I recorded the video below from my hotel room with a simple Logitech web cam.
I am sorry for the thick German accent, but that is something I can do nothing about or get rid of, no matter how long I will be staying in the United States. Well, you will get an impression how it is, if we get the chance to meet in the real life one day.

Here is a short written summary of the things I am talking about in the video.

Day two of the BlogWorld Expo 2007 conference is over and I met a lot of different people already. The crowd here is mixed and includes affiliate marketers, search engine marketers, SEOs, bloggers, podcasters and video bloggers as well as internet marketers and entrepreneurs of all sorts.

I was invited to the cocktail party sponsored by ShareASale and The Conversation Group at the Wynn yesterday. I was very nice and I’d like to thank Brian Littleton, president of ShareASale and Stephanie Agresta, co-founder of The Conversation Group for this nice evening and the opportunity to meet old friends and new people in a casual and relaxed environment.

One of the main subjects I discussed with various bloggers is the question about how to monetize your blog. This is a question that remains not fully answered to this day. Questions that were discussed at the conference were about which monetization option works or does not work with blogs, CPC, CPM, Sponsorship or CPA, using AdSense or not. Experiences with CPA were generally bad, in comparison with CPC or CPM. This does not mean that CPA and revenue share a.k.a. affiliate marketing does not work with blogs. It is more the question how and where to use each type of monetization to get the most out of your blog content overall.

Bloggers are afraid of using affiliate marketing within their blog content. They feel that this is like a sell-out and that they would lose their credibility with their audience. This fear is warranted and as old as affiliate marketing itself. If you make recommendations about a product, because of the amount of commission you are receiving for referrals, you move into dangerous territory and the fear of losing credibility with your audience is becoming very real.

Disclosure of affiliate relationships with a merchant or service provider is certainly very important. The format and extend of how you disclose that relationship depends on your audience and what they would expect.

This sounds easy, but it does not solve the problem with overcoming the initial fear to try out affiliate marketing. I spent some time thinking about a way to solve this dilemma. I believe that a good approach would be to go and look at existing product and service recommendation that were made in older blog posts. Those posts are generating traffic from search engines and other sources and changes to them would not create the risk of losing your core readership, the subscribers to your blogs RSS feed. Replace links or add links if you only mentioned products without providing a link to retailer you like to purchase the product. There is also no reason for fearing corruption and deception, because you are not changing your opinion or anything of that sort. Then watch what happens. There is nothing to lose and you either win nothing or a lot. Then take it from there. You could keep it like that and not include affiliate links in current posts to avoid repelling your subscribers and then modify the post later to add affiliate links, when your regular audience already read the post.

I am now heading to the official BlogWorld Expo party at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino and will then watch the Cirque Du Soleil show “KA” at the MGM Grand. I admit that I am a big Cirque fan. Hey, there is more than work and you have to enjoy the spoils of your hard work from time to time. This is why we work so hard, isn’t it?


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