Virginia Internet Marketers Ask Gov. Bob McDonnell To Keep His Word – Veto Bill 660 – The Advertising Tax Bill

Recently the Virginia Senate has proposed Bill 660. Effectively, the same advertising tax that was passed and caused significant damage to the small entrepreneurial internet marketing businesses in those states and cost small business jobs in the process.

States have started looking at these bills as a way to make money for their states in times of economic and budgetary turmoil. In California, arguably the state with the most financial troubles, Governor Schwarzenegger understood the effect that this bill would have on the entrepreneurs and jobs in his state and vetoed the bill.

Last night Governor Bob McDonnell delivered the GOP response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address. The full video of his response is below, but I wanted to call attention to some of his words in that response that clearly shows that he must follow Governor Schwarzenegger’s example and veto Bill 660, if it makes it to his desk. He said the following:

“Here in Virginia we face our highest unemployment rate in 25 years, and bringing new jobs and more opportunities to our citizens is the top priority of my administration. Good government policies should spur economic growth and strengthen the private sectors ability to create new jobs.”

And then Governor McDonnell followed that with the following at 1:49 in the video below and aired throughout most of the morning news broadcasts this morning:

“We must enact policies that promote entrepreneurship and innovation so America can better compete with the world. What government should not do is pile on more taxation, regulation, and litigation that kills jobs and hurt the middle class.”

Virginia Senate Bill 660 is a policy that will discourage entrepreneurship in Virginia. If enacted, the innovative entrepreneurs in the state will be dropped by the same merchants that the state hopes to obtain taxes from and the potential tax gains will be more than offset by the loss of revenue from these entrepreneurial businesses and the employees they are forced to fire.

There are many Internet marketing and advertising companies in Virgina that earn their living through Internet advertising. They do not sell merchant products, nor do they even know who their customers are. These businesses earn revenue through advertising for out-of-state merchants. Upwards of 90% or more of their revenue comes from out-of-state merchants. Large advertisers like Overstock and Amazon have already put Virginia affiliates on notice, that if this bill progresses they will stop working with these entrepreneurial companies in Virginia, like they have in EVERY state that this Internet advertising tax has been proposed. Those large advertisers are just the tip of the iceberg, many merchants will stop working with these entrepreneurial companies in Virginia, because we have seen it happen in New York and every other state where this advertising tax has been passed.

Please Governor McDonnell, we hope that you will help us ensure that this bill never reaches your desk, but if it does, please veto it. Don’t allow Virginia to enact a policy that squashes entrepreneurship and innovation in your state by piling on more taxation that will kill jobs and hurt the middle class of Virginia.

Governor McDonnell’s GOP Response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address Jan 27th, 2010:

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6 Responses to Virginia Internet Marketers Ask Gov. Bob McDonnell To Keep His Word – Veto Bill 660 – The Advertising Tax Bill

  1. Chris Manns says:

    Passed the senate finance committee today 🙁

  2. Dan says:

    I will take my small business out of Virginia as soon as this bill passes. The state of Virginia will lose 17 jobs immediately and associated income tax. You cannot tax an entity for a product/service that does not take place in the state.

  3. Chris Manns says:

    I'm with you Dan. We can make a difference though. Tell your friends, tell everyone you know in the community to call their representatives. We can stop this!

    Here is a link to find out who your reps are:

  4. Crystal says:

    I am another small business that will lose a lot of jobs if this bill passes. Prepare for nothing but a rise in unemployment if this bill passes.

  5. We just went through this in Colorado- The coordinated effort orchestrated by Rebecca Madigan ( was critical to our success in making sure the Colorado did not simply duplicate the mistakes made in North Carolina, Rhode Island etc.

    Each of the key players on the Colorado Affiliate Team had roles to play in this negotiation- bottom line, the plan worked in Colorado and Colorado was able to dodge this bullet. Seek out Rebecca……she made great things happen here!

  6. Jen Goode and I led a team of volunteers to the State Capitol the day before the bill was heard by the Senate Finance Committee. Together, we talked with 21 senators or their aides. While I prefer not to share our conversations in a public forum, I would be happy to discuss our experiences with anyone facing a similar challenge.

    Marc is correct about guidance and support we received from Rebecca and the Take advantage of this excellent resource.

    While it's disheartening that SB660 passed the Senate, it's not over yet. In-person visits make a huge impression. Now is the time to fight even harder. It may not be in your schedule to take a day or two off to go to the State Capitol, but if you don't, you won't have a job anymore, so what's more important?

    Jen and I will be happy to help you in any way we can too. We're glad to be a resource. I'm Jeannine_Crooks on Twitter.