Watch Out Danica Patrick! Network Solutions has Hottie Cloris Leachman and Her “Sisters”

For several years GoDaddy has scored hits with it’s “see more” videos offering to show glimpses of spokes model Danica Patrick and other models in “hotter” situations than television allows. Although the videos were questionable in taste, they were a hit and increased sales mostly due to efforts of GoDaddy’s affiliates. The fact that the Super Bowl supposedly banned some of the videos for being too racy, only increased their success.

When Shashi Bellamkonda, Director of Social Media at Network Solutions, contacted me today about their parody of GoDaddy’s Danica videos I couldn’t wait to see what they cooked up. Now, full disclosure, Shashi is a friend so I was already biased to his video. When I heard about his “starlet” I was sold. I am a huge fan of Cloris Leachman. Not just for her iconic Frau Blücher character from Mel Brooks’ film Young Frankenstein; or for her whip wielding follow-up as Nurse Diesel in Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety; or her near silent cameo as Agnes in one favorite films Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid. What cemented her status for me was her Oscar winning role as Ruth Popper in Peter Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show based on the great Larry McMurtry novel.

As you can see Shashi didn’t have to do much to get me in his corner. His team just had to be smart enough to let Cloris due her stuff. Now, it is apparent that whoever directed the video can’t hold a candle to Mel Brook’s ability to setup a comic scene…thankfully they mainly just seem to have let Cloris loose.

With lines like:

This new girl they got the race car driver or whatever, she’s ok but that thing she does with her hair…she got that from me.


$3 million dollars for a Super Bowl commercial? No wonder they have them dressed up in a super hero costumes. They aught to have flames shooting out their ass for that kinda money.

Network Solutions is gunning directly for GoDaddy and Danica. But my favorite line Cloris delivers is:

Yeah…that’s my ride. For when I play Texas Hold’em…and I’m not talking about cards either.

The appearance of BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone tries to bring some professional poise to the escapades. But frankly it wasn’t needed.

Ok, enough of my fan boy raving, check out the Network Solutions’ Go Granny video for yourself:

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5 Responses to Watch Out Danica Patrick! Network Solutions has Hottie Cloris Leachman and Her “Sisters”

  1. shashib says:

    Thanks Angel. Appreciate the shout out. Cloris Leachman is a great actress and Lisa Stone performs exceptionally well. The lesson to small business and entrepreneurs is also to use online marketing techniques like humorous videos to get more buzz for their brand . I have seen great examples of campaigns you have done for clients using new media and online campaigns. Thank you again and looking forward to feedback from your readers.



  2. Thanks for posting that Angel. I love Cloris Leachman. She is so incredibly funny. I had the pleasure of meeting her sister Claiborne Cary on several occassions, through my brother who was doing some graphic work for her, and she had the same sense of humor. Had me in stiches & just shaking my head.

  3. Connie Wallace says:

    This is fantastic…good to know that we girls do improve with age. Go Cloris!

  4. Michael says:

    OMG!!!! "Texas Hold'em?!?!?"

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