Rae Hoffman to Keynote Affiliate Summit East 2013

Rae Hoffman will be a keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit East 2013 on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 in Philadelphia.

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Ten+ years ago Rae started a small website about her son and his medical condition that became one of the first international support groups and largest website in general on the topic.

It earned national media coverage and helped further medical research in the field.

Investigating ways to support that site, she found affiliate marketing and became one of the most well known voices in the affiliate landscape and organic search engine optimization.

Today, her current area of research is site auditing and advanced organic link development techniques relating to all of the major engines.

Ms. Hoffman is Co-Founder and CEO of PushFire.

Known widely in the online marketing community as Sugarrae, she is also the author of the often controversial Sugarrae blog and Co-Founder and Co-Owner of website publisher MFE Interactive and the Co-Owner and SVP of Marketing for Speedy Incorporation Service.

She lost her son, CJ, in November 2012. He was 15. But he has had a forever impact on who she is as a person and an entrepreneur.

Her keynote will be an extension of a recent post she made, “11 Things My Son Taught Me About Life and Business“.

Hear some of the lessons he taught her about life and business – and how attitude combined with affiliate marketing changed both of their lives.

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3 Responses to Rae Hoffman to Keynote Affiliate Summit East 2013

  1. @sugarrae @affiliatesummit I have to say I was fortunate enough to meet Sugarrae at the Affiliate Summit 2012 (NY). While chatting with her she shared some of the best advise anyone including my mother has ever shared with me. (She is truly awesome) The conversation in combination with the amazing networking opportunity was so amazing I will definitely attend Affiliate Summit East 2013 and there future events.

  2. Very sad that she lost her son, but it looks as though her efforts for his cause did a lot of good. Makes us pause and appreciate how much every life counts. Sounds like Rae is a winner in life and in business.

  3. Sad she lost her son, but it sounds like his life made a difference for his cause. Makes you appreciate more each life. Looks like Rae is a winner in business and in life.