What Marketers Fail to Measure

Marketers are obsessed with measuring. They track unique visits, referral sources, abandon rate, conversion rate, click-through-rate, open-rate, geography of people visiting a web site and more fun stats. Marketers consistently seek to measure and refine, measure and refine, measure and refine, measure and refine. That’s the focus.

But, here’s the problem:  some marketers aren’t measuring the right things; or, perhaps, they aren’t measuring things in the right way.

Marketers are so conditioned to track their traditional online environs that they often ignore other metrics. For example, most companies fail to adequately measure social media marketing and offline conversions—phone calls.

Social Media

  • Over 90 percent of businesses use social media in some way (Source: Social Media Examiner, 2012)
  • Only 16 percent of businesses using social media are actually measuring the ROI of their social media programs (Source: eMarketer, 2012)

Phone Calls

Many marketers are failing to measure things that are important. And it is clear—especially given the explosion of mobile marketing—that phone calls are critical to an overall marketing strategy. But, as noted above, most businesses do not track phone calls, track phone leads, gather phone marketing data or integrate call tracking into overall conversion rates.

In short: very few companies have a complete picture of their multi-channel marketing analytics.

By failing to track their calls, marketers are missing information on an entire segment of their inbound marketing. Thus, they are missing out on the marketing automation, the marketing metrics and revenue from an entire segment of potential customers.

Start tracking vital metrics. Start tracking phone calls and social media. My next few posts will address how to track these things more effectively.

About Jason Wells

Jason Wells is the CEO of ContactPoint. Their flagship product, LogMyCalls, provides inexpensive tools for businesses seeking to optimize marketing, lead quality and minimize lost leads. These tools—phone call tracking, call recording, mobile marketing automation and call performance scoring—allow businesses to determine which advertising methods are effective and improve their ability to secure business over the phone. Prior to leading ContactPoint, Jason was Senior VP for Sony Pictures Television where he led the creation and international expansion of the mobile business line from London. For more information, visit www.logmycalls.com or call 866-811-8880.

2 Responses to What Marketers Fail to Measure

  1. Aditi Datta says:

    Thanks Jason for this informative post on Marketing. I am sure this would be a great help in knowing all the measurement in marketing. Measuring in marketing is definitely important as it keeps the track of different measurements and I feel this is important. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Mediahawk Profile says:

    Hi Jason,

    Great blog and very interesting to us. We have found a very similar trend here in the UK. Everyone seems to track their online marketing using tools such as Google Analytics but what about tracking phone calls? We have over ten years of data and case studies which prove that using call tracking helps marketers to see exactly which advertising and marketing campaigns are working the best, creating a missing link between the click and the call. This, in the long run, helps you target the right markets with the right advertising in future campaigns. I look forward to reading more of your posts.