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Adam Riemer has been an Online Marketer for over a decade. Having worked in house and on his own, Adam Riemer helps both large and small companies develop, execute and analyze Marketing campaigns for ROI and branding in both the B2B and B2C world. You can reach Adam or find out where he is speaking or which Clients he is working with by visiting his blog at or follow him on Twitter @rollerblader.

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Don’t Scare My Clients: The Best Way for Vendors to Pitch An OPM

Lately, vendors are going crazy with emailing clients for OPMs. My client received one a few days ago that used a fear tactic approach. The subject line was, “Company Name Affiliate Abuse.” The vendor that sent the email is a good friend of mine and knows better than to do this. Their products are amazing, but […]

3 Free Video Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

Video Marketing

It still amazes me how many companies haven’t taken advantage of video when they are putting together social media marketing plans. Video marketing is an awesome way to connect with your audience, define the benefits of products, tell your side of a story if you have bad publicity, demonstrate the effectiveness of products, and create […]

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Gowalla Says Goodbye – Say Hello Loso

Location Services

I have never been a huge fan of social apps, like Gowalla, that revolve around check ins, mainly because I’m paranoid about people knowing when I’m not home. But I was sort of shocked to hear that Facebook was acquiring Gowalla’s management team, but not continuing with it as a stand-alone service. “While Facebook isn’t […]

3 Things Google Tells Your Customers—Whether You Like It or Not

Contributors to SEO

Some of the most important SEO practices are also some of the most obvious. It’s easy to think of things like backlinks, title tags, and crawl errors. But what about when you do a search on Google, for example, and the search engine results page (SERP) has a snapshot of pages from your site? The […]

Affiliate Summit East 2011 Recap

Affiliate Summit East 2011 was the largest one to date with nearly 4,000 attendees. The show kicked off to a quick start and ended with what many attendees would consider the best Affiliate Summit they’ve experienced. A ton of new faces joined experienced webmasters, bloggers, and agencies from other industries ready to learn about affiliate […]

For Better Or Worse, Hubpages Makes The Move To Subdomains

Recently, I received an email from letting me know that if I failed to migrate my account to a subdomain, it planned to do so automatically. This move reflects Hubpages’ efforts to rebuild its SEO after the farmer update gave them a fairly large hit. In theory, migrating everyone from URLs to sub-domains could work, […]

Check’em Out: 3 Reasons To Test A Merchant’s Service Prior To Working With Them

In my search for a better health insurance policy,  I got quotes through one of my affiliate links. Going through the process reminded me that testing and re-testing merchants and vendors on your site remains one of the most basic things you can do to build a site with repeat traffic. I did end up […]

5 Claims To Avoid Making When Recruiting Affiliates

Too often the affiliate industry relies on buzzwords like engage, quality content, or optimization to recruit new affiliates. I find them boring, annoying, and often extremely misleading.  Each industry has their own canned claims and promises but the smart affiliates will recognize when they’re being suckered with repackaged content and boilerplate strategy. Since a few […]

Pubcon South 2011, Day 1 Recap

Pubcon South in Austin is a bit smaller than the Vegas show, well, a lot smaller but that doesn’t mean any less valuable.   In fact, because of the size you not only get 1 on 1 interactions with some of the smartest people in the Search, Social and Affiliate industries, but you get to learn […]

What is Good SEO Copy? You Might Be Surprised.

During an SEO project, my client asked me if I’d look over their copy that was going live “from an SEO perspective.”  Usually you have to fight to get the copy, so I was excited.  However, they didn’t really know what I was about to do to their copy. In the end, the client had […]