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Adam Riemer has been an Online Marketer for over a decade. Having worked in house and on his own, Adam Riemer helps both large and small companies develop, execute and analyze Marketing campaigns for ROI and branding in both the B2B and B2C world. You can reach Adam or find out where he is speaking or which Clients he is working with by visiting his blog at or follow him on Twitter @rollerblader.

What Paper.Li Is Missing And What You Can Do Better With Your Own Site

Each day I see tweets showing up in Twitter.  I see the NoAdTax one or the Todd Farmer Daily.  There is the Affiliate Summit Speakers and a ton of others.  What I like about them is that I get to see what my friends are interested in and I have also discovered some […]

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Google Offers, If You Can’t Buy ’em, Beat ’em

I got an email from our editor asking me what I thought about Google Offers and if it is something I’d want to write about.  I initially thought that it was just another attempt for Google to try be social, something Google still hasn’t figured out it can’t do in a vacuum. But something about […]

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Have You Checked Your Follow Settings Lately? One Huge SEO Mistake To Avoid

My friend runs an extremely niche social community with more than 30,000 active members. Members can have their own blogs and they have a very popular forum. The members are very dedicated to the community and are always adding new content. While writing a new post for the community the other evening, I realized that […]

Smart SEO is Not Just About Backlinks and Content

Along with backlinks and content, user experience is one of the most important, if overlooked, things for SEO. The experience a user has in navigating a site has a huge influence on whether browsing will convert to revenue. So as you work on your content and backlinks remember: You can have all the traffic in […]

Milo vs. Google vs. Affiliates, Let the Coupon War Begin!

No one understands the coupon space better than affiliates. Couponing has in many ways been the bread and butter for the affiliate industry for years. Despite this, coupon affiliates have always had one big issue in promoting big box merchants: what to do about those that offer online ordering with offline pickups. Often the merchants […]

Things to Remember For Your Affiliate Program During Q4

Q4 is not only a busy time for merchants, but it is just as busy for affiliates.  In order to get the most out of your affiliate program during Q4, the trick is to make life easier for your affiliates.  Not only will they appreciate that you took the extra time to make their lives […]

A Different Approach: 4 Companies to Learn From

You are probably familiar with the adages “Why fix it if it isn’t broken” or “Why try to reinvent the wheel.”  While you don’t always have to reinvent or fix something that works it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for ways to try and make improvements.  If people would stop trying to improve things then […]

PubCon Las Vegas 2010 Recap

I recently got back from my first PubCon.  For those unfamiliar PubCon is one of the leading, and after my experience in my opinion the leading, Search Engine Marketing conferences. It is hosted by Brett Tabke and Webmaster World.  Although many shows claim to be all inclusive, PubCon, just like Affiliate Summit, is setting new […]