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Cooking Up A Batch Of Facebook Fan Page Mayhem

If there were a godfather of social media, he or she might be rolling in their virtual resting place. What everyone knows about social media is that creating and connecting to a community is much easier, compared to five years ago. On the other hand, technology makes it too easy to do social media badly; […]

CPA Network Consolidation: Where Does CPA Marketing Go From Here?

If you were to step into a time machine and travel back to 2006, the coolest role in the online marketing industry might have been to own an affiliate network. Fast forward to 2011 and it doesn’t seem as cool a prospect. In the past year, affiliate networks, especially those focused on CPA (cost-per-action) offers […]

Will MyBlogLog Survive Yahoo!’s Management Review?

In recent weeks there’s been talk on the blogsphere, especially from a recent ReadWriteWeb post, about the imminent closure of the popular MyBlogLog blogging widget/social network. With the charge being led by bloggers irate that their beloved blog widget might be soon a footnote in Wikipedia’s logs, are they missing the bigger picture? Looking at […]

Boom in URL Shorteners Equals Boom in Malware and Spyware

In theory, URL shorteners make perfect sense in the world of the 140 character status update popularized by Twitter and used heavily by other social networks. It is commonly accepted that shorter headlines and copy tend to have greater pull with the average user than their longer counterparts. At the same time, URL shorteners could […]

Books and e-Books: Who’s The Biggest Loser?

On the face of it, developments in digital publishing have signaled a decisive victory for aspiring and professional authors in recent months, judging by recent announcements: Amazon recently declared that it’s Kindle e-book reader was its overall bestseller by number of units shipped and total revenue generated. According to a MarketWatch article, Amazon CEO Jeff […]

IAB Takes Up Arms Against the FTC’s Latest Endorsement Regulation Campaign

If the Federal Trade Commission had the intention to spark off a wave of sometimes worried, sometimes angry and often indignant blog posts and forum chatter with their “Final Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”, they’ve certainly succeeded. About a week ago, ReveNews contributor Andrew M. Baer, Esq, wrote “FTC Regulates […]

Are Reporters and Bloggers Guilty Of Using Weapons of Statistical Destruction?

As a blogger and an ex-newspaper reporter I have an axe to grind with many of my peers. Please avoid the temptation to distort reality by quoting statistics and data out of context, no matter how linkbait worthy the intended headline or story angle might be. What raised my hackles? I read this eWeek article […]

The Credit Report/Repair Niche Feels The Long Arm of the FTC

At first glance, the credit report/repair niche looks highly lucrative – with high lead generation payouts and search volume at stratospheric levels – one might wonder, “What’s not to like?”. That is, until you factor in the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) keen interest at online marketing practices in the niche. High search volume + high […]

Social Media: Are You A Tortoise Or A Hare?

When it comes to effectively using social media to market yourself and/or your brand, are you falling prey to a “Hare Syndrome” and losing site of the end goal? Does this sound familiar? You discover a new social media outlet, (insert your favorite choice of Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, StumbleUpon, or a high authority forum in […]

How eBooks and Digital Publishing will Disrupt Traditional Book Publishing

Recent launches of Amazon’s Kindle 2 eBook reader and its Sony counterpart, the Reader Digital Book, have satisfied the wants and needs of bleeding edge consumers with longer battery life and enhanced text readability. But how much are they expected to disrupt traditional print-based media like books and newspaper? More importantly, will they significantly influence […]