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Born in Bulgaria, Angel Djambazov has spent his professional career in the fields of journalism and online marketing. In his journalistic career he worked as an editor on several newspapers and was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Wyoming Homes and Living Magazine. Later his career path led to online marketing where while working at OnlineShoes he earned the Affiliate Manager of the Year (2006) award at the Affiliate Summit, and In-house Manager of the Year (2006) award by ABestWeb.

For four years Angel served as OPM for Jones Soda for which he won his second Affiliate Manger of the Year (2009) award at Affiliate Summit.

Currently Angel serves as OPM for KEEN Footwear and His former clients include: Dell, Real Networks, Jones Soda, Intelius, Graphicly, Chrome Bags,, Vitamin Angels, The Safecig, and Bag Borrow or Steal.

Angel is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Publisher for and

Angel lives north of Seattle, spending his free time reading up on obscure scientific references made by his wife MGX, while keeping up with a horde of cats and a library of books. You can find Angel on Twitter @djambazov.

Affiliate Industry Preview: ShareASale’s Brian Littleton

Bottom line, Illinois legislators were sold a bill of goods and are starting to notice that they didn’t get what they were sold. So yes, I do think we’ve seen the worst in Illinois, and are still seeing it. I am hopeful that we can rebound from here and build the affiliate marketing industry back up to where it was in Illinois.

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Kicking off the 2012 Affiliate Industry Preview Series

The beginning of a new year always signals an opportunity to create new growth and positive change. With the economy signaling a recovery and the increasing expansion of the digital world offline, 2012 holds a lot of promise. This year I’m happy to say that a wider array of industry experts participated than ever before […]

ReveNews Announces New Managing Editor, Britt Raybould

For a publication to thrive, it needs the dedication of some amazing people. So it is my pleasure to announce today the new Managing Editor for ReveNews, Britt Raybould! Along with her love for books and writing, Britt brings an extensive editorial background, including covering a wider variety of stories for ReveNews. She will be in […]

The BHOs Have Won: Ebates Dines On FatWallet And Its Golden Rep

What do you do when one of the companies you trust least buys one of the companies you trust most? That scenario happened for me today as news came Ebates bought FatWallet. For affiliate industry advocates this news is simply worse than a kick in the gut. For diehards it is the industry’s equivalent of […]

The Rebirth Of Gnomedex Is SIC

There is a natural tendency to not want good things to end. It’s why many champions fight on beyond their prime even at the risk of hurting their own legacy. But as fans, there is a part of us that wants them to continue. When Chris Pirillo, President of Lockergnome, “retired” Gnomedex last August, I […]

How Pay-Per-Call Marketing Kicked Lexington Law’s Affiliate Program Into Overdrive

In affiliate marketing, anything that improves conversion significantly can change the game. For advertisers that generate the bulk of their sales via phone, the advent of pay-per-call tracking was such a game changer. Pay-per-call works through the inclusion of a unique phone number provided to the affiliate, allowing the advertiser to determine who referred the […]

Illinois Gov. Quinn Flaunts “Fairness” in Passing Nexus Tax, Cuts off Nose to Spite Amazon

Even grown men can act like small boys. Instead of making a business decision that would secure the position of Illinois as a state that welcomes the tech community, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has decided to sign ill-conceived affiliate nexus bill HB3659 out of “fairness”. Specifically a member of Governor Quinn’s office who wished to […]

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DEMO Spring 2011 Highlights: The Top 3 Consumer Focused Companies and the Best One-Liner

This year it was very appropriate to be at DEMO Spring 2011 in Palm Springs on the day after the Oscars.  Like a Colin Firth many a nervous startup founder came on stage to make their presentations. Perhaps it was the lights and the large audience. Or maybe it was the $1 million dollar prize. […]

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DEMO Spring 2011 Highlights: Promising Companies Who Are Not Quite Ready for Prime-Time

One of the joys of DEMO is seeing technology trends emerge and evolve. This year there were several companies who had obviously invested a lot of resources and development time in the science behind their product but still managed to come off  as too specialized for wholesale adoption  by businesses or consumers. As part of […]

BlogWorld, Barton Fink, and the Expansion of New Media: An interview with Rick Calvert

The right timing can equal success. Since launching in 2007 the BlogWorld founders Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin have leveraged their timing to capture lightning in a bottle providing a platform for bloggers to expand their craft, find new business opportunities and exchange ideas with their community. Recently BlogWorld made a set of major announcements […]