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Barry Silverstein is a freelance writer/marketing consultant. In addition to writing for ReveNews, he is a contributing writer to, the world’s leading online branding forum. He is the author of three marketing books, The Breakaway Brand (co-author, McGraw-Hill, 2005), Business-to-Business Internet Marketing (Maximum Press, 2003) and Internet Marketing for Technology Companies (Maximum Press, 2003). Barry ran his own Internet and direct marketing agency for twenty years. You can find Barry on Twitter @bdsilv.

Google’s Quest for Universal Search Comes with Risk

By the time you read this, Google will probably have introduced yet another refinement to its ubiquitous search engine, or maybe it will announce another acquisition. In the official company blog on August 8, Amit Singhal, SVP of Google Search, wrote, “Larry Page once described the perfect search engine as understanding exactly what you mean […]

The Battle for Mobile Search Superiority

Mobile Search

It should come as no surprise that everything that once was on the desktop is now in a highly portable form. Smartphone and tablet users have literally mobile-ized and are leading the next wave of Internet connectivity. The rapid move to mobile brings with it a new emphasis on mobile search. Jason Wells recently wrote […]

Who Cares About Apple vs. Samsung? You Should

The sensationalists are calling Apple vs. Samsung “the patent trial of the century.” The trial, which began July 30 in Silicon Valley, is the result of a suit filed by Apple in April 2011, accusing Samsung of infringing on patents related to the iPhone and iPad. Samsung counter-sued, saying Apple infringed on its own patents. […]

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Cloning an Apple: Microsoft & Google Tackle the Hardware Question

June 2012 may well go down as the month the technology world turned upside down. That’s because something unheard of happened – both Microsoft and Google officially turned their attention to home-grown hardware. In mid-June, Microsoft showed off Surface, its very own entry into the tablet market. In late June, Google showed off Nexus 7, […]

Will LinkedIn Leapfrog the Competition or Lose Its Differentiation?

We are witnessing a fairly rapid evolution of social media networks as Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn make substantial changes to their features and appearance. The most dramatic change, however, may well be to LinkedIn, the network that has long distinguished itself as strictly for business and professional use. LinkedIn introduced a new feature in […]

Is Facebook the New Television?

Facebook on Smartphone

Television has long been the dominant medium when it comes to brand advertising. While this remains the case today, big brand advertisers are slowly but surely moving their ad dollars  to social media. The primary beneficiary of this shift is, of course, Facebook, the 800-pound gorilla of social media. But as we at ReveNews have […]

The Ad Herd is Migrating to Unmeasured Media

Since 1956, the ad industry’s leading publication, Advertising Age (or Ad Age for short) has been tracking the ad spending of the top 100 U.S. advertisers – and since that time, “measured” and “unmeasured” media have been analyzed. Before the Internet, “measured” media consisted primarily of TV and print, which were subject to ad tracking […]

The Evolution of Email Marketing Into a Social Connection Platform

Long before Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, there was a very basic form of social media called email. By simply copying other individuals on an email sent from one person to another, that email was distributed to a group. If any of those recipients forwarded the email to someone else, and so on and […]

Advertising Drives Twitter Into the Future


It wasn’t long before Twitter’s first 15-second TV ad hit the airwaves that media and tech pundits were all atwitter about Twitter’s advertising strategy. And with good reason: Already, Twitter’s approach to advertising looks more plausible than Facebook’s. Twitter employed the best aspects of media integration, selecting a specific high-viewership TV event – NASCAR’s Pocono […]

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Crowdfunding: Just for Kicks or Serious Business?

The Internet, which has revolutionized so many aspects of business, is poised to do the same for the world of venture capital. Traditionally, independent entrepreneurs have not had an easy time of it when it comes to funding their ideas. Venture capital firms are too much of a reach and angel investors are growing more […]