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MarketingSherpa Founder Anne Holland Talks Landing Pages and

By this time most online marketers understand that good landing pages are a key driver of business. I had the pleasure of speaking with Anne Holland, founder of MarketingSherpa, who is up to her old tricks, teaching us how to be better marketers with her awesome quiz site WhichTestWon. Wondering whether testing landing pages is […]

Can you pick the winning A/B test?

Anne Holland, founder of MarketingSherpa, is back to her old tricks teaching us how to be better marketers.  See how good your gut is at predicting the winner of some A/B tests with her new site I took the test and failed – so much for the 10 years of online marketing experience I […]

Affiliates Lobby Against California AB178, While Maryland Piggybacks Similar Legislation onto Larger Bill

I was optimistic all week about fighting these misguided tax bills that make affiliates the losers in the state governments’ quest to tax Internet sales. We had a great and amazing week in California.  Brook Schaaf, CEO SchaafCo, and Karen Garcia, Co-Owner GTOManagement, organized a lobby day in Sacramento to fight AB 178. All the […]

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Want to Stop AB 178? Talk to a Legislator

There has been plenty of chatter about AB 178, the anti-affiliate bill in California. My concern is that as I looked at a board in our community the other day and there were 73 posts on AB 178.  And it was not until post 72 that there was a call of action to do something […]

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Over 30 Companies File Joint Letter to Stop California’s Anti-Affiliate Bill

I  knew when Performance Marketing Alliance started on the project to stop California’s anti-affiliate bill (AB 178) that we would need to build a coalition to help is stop it. The good news is we found a coalition of tech businesses that dislike this bill as much as we do, with some names you will […]

PMA lays out its plan to stop California’s Amazon Tax

The following is a message from the Performance Marketing Alliance which lays out the alliance’s plan and argument against California Assembly Bill 178. As you might have heard, affiliate marketing is under attack in California. Assembly Bill 178 is a California version of New York’s “Amazon Tax”. Plain and simple it is an ugly situation. […]

Web 2.0 music video

I assume most people have seen this by now, but I’m blogging it because it’s just so freakin’ awesome. (OK, I watched it four times and laughed four times while catching something new each time) Enjoy!

Web 2.0 Summit, Google, Facebook & iLike

I spend the past few days taking a break from the grind of driving revenue to sit and think a bit about Web 2.0 and disruptive technology at the Web 2.0 Summit. A number of people said to me in the past Google was the overarching company at this conference, but this year, that changed, […]

Affiliates Grow Up and Exit

Last week two super affiliates/lead generation companies were acquired. First, Bazaar Advertising (Congrats Jon Lee on selling your company 😉 and to the guys at Azoogle) and JellyFish. What struck me is how much the game stays the same. Bazaar built amazing technology and that is their secret sauce while JellyFish brought a new and […]

Adteractive, Lead Gen, and Exits

Sam Harrelson post a rumor that Adteractive was finally sold and to no other than the Apollo Group – the owners of University of Phoenix. Another rumor is that Adteractive is a shell of what it once was and that makes sense too. Adteractive had four or five major verticals. The ones I remember are: […]