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With The Shakeup At ABestWeb Will The Forum Thrive Or Die?

Big days in our lives stick out, and one that’s stuck with me is the day I received an email from 1-800-Pet-Meds telling me to take a look at ABestWeb (ABW). 1-800-Pet-Meds asked me to join their affiliate program at a time when the LinkShare affiliate network seemed unaware it needed to respond to affiliate […]

The Future for Affiliates: Part 2 Leveraging Your Expertise

In Part One I reviewed the challenges facing affiliates and the reality that adaption is the only way to survive. So if you’re an affiliate wondering about your future options, I recommend that you become  your own network/affiliate/OPM/merchant. It’s actually easier than it sounds. Forget promoting every merchant under the sun. I’d hesitate even promoting […]

The Future for Affiliates: Part 1 Overcoming Hard Times

Unfortunately for affiliates, the last few years have seen many, mostly detrimental, changes in the affiliate marketing channel. Networks became affiliates themselves, failing to see the obvious conflict. The bad players (like cookie thieves) multiplied and got smarter. Merchants opened up other profit channels and partnerships, making what we affiliates refer to as “leaks” the […]

How Merchants Are Divying Up Your Commissions Among Themselves and Their Partners

Let’s take a small scenario. What if I promised you that if you spent 8 hours a day promoting Billy’s Shoes, and I’d pay you a commission for all the shoe sales you sent me? If you did the promoting and I paid the commission in a timely manner, we would theoretically be good partners. […]

Importance of Networking to Your Bottom Line

I thought about the events that led up to these sales, and if it weren’t for networking, none of them would have occurred. While this article is not a discussion on “the art of networking”, it is a discussion on the importance of networking.

Multi-Pronged System for Success with Affiliate Products

Once I find a merchant with whom I can develop a relationship with – and has products that actually sell – I market them in as many ways as I can think of. Basically the same line of products marketed differently on many different websites. Personally, I have settled on the personalized gift niche. There […]