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Net Neutrality Mandated in $7.2 Billion Broadband Stimulus Funding

Good news for Net Neutrality. This administration has shown that they are committed to the principals of Net Neutrality based on language in the rules recently released for the broadband stimulus funding. The Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) is offering grants for; deploying broadband infrastructure in under-served areas, enhancing broadband capacity in public computer centers, […]

Affiliate Marketing Helps Companies Grow Even in a Tough Economy

Commission Junction released some data today that goes a long way to show that having an affiliate program helps you grow your business compared to competitors without programs. In the most recent Internet Retailer Top 500 guide, they look at the Office Supply category which is listed as one of the top three growth areas […]

ad:tech Exhibit Hall – Booth Fails and Observations

The ad:tech exhibit hall was an interesting place. There was a booth filled with 2,000 plush purple octopi (that were all given away), a booth with (possibly – and intentionally) offensive t-shirts, and of course a ton of the usual booths. I wrote about the exhibit hall back in 2007 and noted the preponderance of […]

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ad:tech Day Two: Oh, There’s the Recession

After the first day of ad:tech I thought things were going pretty well for the industry.  Day two gave me time to make some more sessions (I live twittered them) and spend some time on the two levels of the exhibit hall.  Many booths were noticeably smaller (Google) or missing (Yahoo!), the tchotchkes were noticeably […]

ad:tech Day One: Recesssion? What Recession?

ad:tech moved to Moscone West this year which I didn’t notice until I walked into RSA and worried that I had the wrong week for ad:tech. A short walk and I was Moscone West a new three story convention hall.  The first floor was jam packed with people. If you thought the line at Affiliate […]

Affiliate Taxation – Time to Fight Back

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware of California (and other) states efforts to copy New York and collect sales tax on affiliate initiated transactions. Collection of sales tax is important, and states are right to be concerned about taxes that are owed to them and not being collected.  But this […]

Google and The Doublespeak of “Network Neutrality”

This whole issue is one of doublespeak. Net Neutrality is really free and open access for all, yet the opposition calls it excessive regulation of the Internet. Senator Ted Stevens kicked this off back in 2006 when he said, “Until somebody tells me what net neutrality means, until they can give me a definition, I don’t want it in there. Right now, nobody knows what it means, so why put it in the bill?”

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Gary Vaynerchuck Keynote Live Blog

Really excited about keynote. Room has the DNA of what excites me. Know how to make money. Too many people looking for a single when they have the talent for home runs. Swing for the fences. Wants to open for Q&A. Of course you have to kill it. Social media doesn’t mean jack s$#%. Social […]

Net Neutrality Not Neutered

Just because we have a new administration that has been more supportive of Net Neutrality does not mean that the battles are over or that we need to stop paying attention.  The Telco shills are still at it, trying to show people that having unfiltered access to the Internet is not a consumer issue, that […]

The Banner is Dead

Over the last week I was part of a spirited private debate about the death of banners and display advertising. Peter Figueredo even posted on this subject while I was composing this. It was all sparked by Procter & Gamble’s GM for interactive marketing and innovation, Ted McConnell saying “I really don’t want to buy […]