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CA Breaking News: Schwarzenegger Opposes Tax Nexus Legislation

I just saw this come through: Following’s announcement that it will pull its affiliate advertising from California due to the legislature’s proposal to increase taxes and the announcements of other companies such as threatening to follow suit, Governor Schwarzenegger today reiterated his deep commitment to not raising taxes to solve our state’s budget […]

California Anti-Nexus Lobby Day 3

A huge thank you to everyone who made it up to Sacramento for today’s lobbying efforts! Karen Garcia, My Co-Organizer, GTO Management Rebecca Madigan, Performance Marketing Alliance Rob Smahl, eBates (Rob has come to be recognized as our own “Great Communicator” for his knack with legislative staffers.) Lisa Picarille, Independent Consultant Alan Gray, Ryan […]

Case Study in the Changing, Expanding Coupon Marketplace:

I think everyone in the affiliate industry will agree that change is fast and constant. In this bittersweet turn new affiliates enter the marketplace and thrive, while old affiliates who can’t keep up fade away. Earlier last year I was struck by how much this applies even to the coupon space, where you might think […]

A Letter in Opposition to AB 178

I wanted to share my letter in opposition to AB 178. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback, in particular Angel Djambazov. Writing letters does make a difference, especially on this issue because education is so important. People in decision making positions do not understand what affiliate marketing is or the consequences of this legislation. […]

Cool Publisher Barcode Scanning Tools

The idea behind barcode scanning is that customers can take a picture of a product UPC in a store with their mobile device, then cross reference this product in a price comparison database. Publisher (“Sp”ort “Ad”venture “Out”doors) recently put out its public beta: Once the barcode is registered, the software will match its […]

Performics Becomes Google Affiliate Network

Fresh from Chris Henger at Google-DoubleClick-Performics: We are pleased to introduce Google Affiliate Network . Effective Monday, June 30, 2008, DoubleClick Performics Affiliate will operate as Google Affiliate Network. The integration with Google’s brand is a reflection of efforts to quickly assimilate our business and teams, as well as reinforce Google’s commitment to the Affiliate […]

Recap of Meeting to Discuss Industry Association

Last Wednesday in Camarillo, CA, we had a dinner to discuss an industry association. The dinner drew a high-caliber, longtime group of affiliate marketers. Brad Waller of ePage and Rebecca Madigan of AffiliateClassroom shared research they’ve done on the nuts and bolts of creating an association and conversations with others in the industry. We then […]

A New Industry Association?

I had a great call with Rebecca Madigan – formerly with Commission Junction, now with AffiliateClassroom – earlier today. We talked about an industry group dedicated to promoting affiliate marketing. Over the years there has been a lot of talk and many ill-fated attempts to create such a group – like an IAB for performance […]

Happy (Belated) 30th, Spam!

One news list that I am on with another ReveNews blogger had a message today that I thought was fairly interesting – Spam is 30 years old. The first spam message was sent on May 3rd, 1978, according to this article by Brad Templeton: The message was sent by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) to […]

LeadsCon Recap

One of our team members, Kevin Paine, and I flew out from Los Angeles yesterday to attend LeadsCon, a conference about online lead generation. The conference was organized by Jay Weintraub, former employee at and current writer for Digital Moses. Jay also keeps a blog at The conference was squeezed into the Palms […]