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Calacanis Kerfuffle

We asked to be poked in the eye. We got poked in the eye. Some of us cried out in anger. Some of us said thank you. I did not attend the Jason Calacanis keynote, though I wanted to. After the show, I didn’t intend to comment on it but the buzz and reaction prompted […]

Yahoo! Search Marketing Becomes More Publisher Friendly

This came through the CJ wire just recently and it’s the first I’ve heard: After more than six months in the making and much customer feedback and testing, we are pleased to announce that Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM) has recently updated its editorial policies and will now allow U.S. publishers to direct link to their […]

Google to Promote Its “Knol” as Wikipedia Competitor

This was news to me when I read it at the Time Online. The gist of the article, as I understand it, is that Google will solicit content article writers who can share in advertising earnings. This knowledge database will compete with Wikipedia, per the article: “Google is to go head-to-head with Wikipedia, the web’s […]

Facebook Shopping Application Roundup

There has been a lot of buzz this year with regards to Facebook Applications. Several people in the affiliate space have developed fun applications – Affiliate Summit Badware Protection and Udrink by Brian Littleton; Costume Party by Scott Jangro; and statustalker by David Lewis come to mind. Other affiliates, coming out of the coupon sector, […]

New York’s Spitzer Moves to Leverage Affiliates as Tax Nexus

As reported in the New York Sun today, New York’s Governor Spitzer is looking to charge online merchants sales tax for orders sent to New York. When it comes to charging sales tax, e-retailers have been held to the same old standard that the U.S. Supreme Court set for mail-order vendors: The seller only needs […]

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Security/Privacy Hole in Google Presentations Closed

Nathan Weinberg at InsideGoogle (part of the Blog News Channel) made an interesting post about a security hole (privacy hole) in Google Presentations that Google closed. In brief, Google revealed to the web site owners the email addresses of registered Google users who viewed an embedded presentation. The emails were revealed in the site logs. […]

Reflections on CJU

Commission Junction University 2007 ended at 2 PM yesterday. It was my seventh event in eight years. It was an excellent event, as always. A lot of people get into town on Saturday night for some Santa Barbara fun. The Schaaf Consulting team drove up from Los Angeles Sunday afternoon in time for the reception, […]

DoubleClick Performics “Age of Ingenuity”

DoubleClick Performics held its 2007 Client Summit this past Monday at Tuesday at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. The event was a high quality affair, with an excellent line up of speakers, including the most enjoyable keynote I’ve ever seen by Freakonomics author Stephen D Levitt. Although folks always seem to gripe that panel and […]

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Happy Independence Day!

A very happy Fourth of July to everyone! Today, let us commemorate an early and forgotten international friend to America, the Frenchman Pierre Beaumarchais, who aided the colonies during our War of Independence.

James A. Crouthamel, Founder of Performics, Elected to Board of ValueClick

I am in New York right now and met up with affiliate marketing folks at a Happy Hour organized by Eric Ewe with Wyndham Resorts Affiliate Program. Several notables showed up, including Steve Denton, President of LinkShare. We got to talking about the past and future of the industry and he commented on the recent […]