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Carolyn Tang Kmet is the director of affiliate marketing for, a site that features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the U.S., Canada, Europe and soon beyond (read: Space). Prior to joining Groupon, she led the client services team at, an award-winning affiliate network. On the merchant side, she's managed affiliate programs at and; and on the affiliate site, she helped build the MyPoints Shopping portal. Carolyn is also an adjunct lecturer with Loyola University of Chicago, where she teaches both undergraduate and MBA level e-marketing courses. Carolyn received her MBA from Loyola University Chicago. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California, Berkeley.You can find Carolyn on Twitter @catango.

What Comes First, Marketing Or Manufacturing?

Perhaps the fourth quarter is not the best time to pose this seemingly simple question, but does marketing drive manufacturing, or is it the other way around? Back in 1776 Adam Smith, in his book Wealth of Nations, wrote that mass production, or the division of labor, was driven by “the extent of the market.”  […]

Back in the Affiliate Management Saddle

One question I get asked over and over is, “Why did you leave ShareASale?”  And so for my first returning post on ReveNews, I figured I’d answer that question.  (Then we can move on to more juicy topics, like the mobile marketplace or fourth quarter objectives, yum!) For the last five years, I lived and […]

Let’s Get Niche

I love shopping. The rush of entering a store knowing that I could possess something, that I could find some new souvenier to add to my material world. For clothing, I’ll often visit Banana Republic or Ann Taylor Loft (Ann Taylor minus the dry cleaning). Both stores offer clothing lines geared toward the career-oriented 30something, […]

My Google

Google came out with customizable homepages… I have mixed feelings about this, as Google just seems to be getting distracted from its main goal of helping people find information. I understand that personal portals pull desired content, but it’s not a new, revolutionary idea. A personalized homepage with my email and stocks just isn’t that […]

Future of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be traditionally defined as a subset of performance marketing where a standard set of terms are offered to group of partners who then drive traffic to the merchant via any marketing channel that falls within the merchant’s terms and conditions. Here’s where we’re going… More one-on-one deals, which turns an affilate relationship […]

Hacked Affiliate Link?

Just got off the phone with an affiliate, one of those smart ones that you actually do get to meet in person. I’ll provide the facts, you provide feedback: – Affiliate has long-standing site with static pages – Affiliate has Linkshare (linksynergy) links up – A visitor to affiliate’s site reports a broken link, affiliate […]

Turnkey Shopping Malls

I just got off the phone with a woman who called and very abruptly said, “Hi, I’m calling about my commissions.” I had no idea who she was. And when I asked her for her URL, she had no idea. Kept saying something about a “Millionaire’s Club” and “ShareLink” and “ComJunk.” (That latter was pretty […]

Is it really advertising?

Day by day, I get caught up in debates about whether something is an acceptable affiliate marketing tactic or not. But when I took a step back, I realized how far off topic we have really gone. I think the big question is, does affiliate marketing even fall under the umbrella of advertising? Search arbitrage […]

Consumers and Stilettos: Where to Draw the Line

Consider this. Pretend you’re a woman (I know it’s a stretch for some of you, but please play along.) It’s Friday evening, and you’ve met up with a bunch of your best girlfriends at a trendy wine bar. Your makeup is perfect. Your outfit is perfect, and for once, you’re having a good hair day. […]

Affiliates and Adware: Textbook Integrated Marketing

I am writing this on the plane en route to Chicago from New York. Tres jetset, eh? Bloody mary mix and mini-pretzels at hand, I am blog-a-fied, baby! I have to admit that I was skeptical about the networks’ (all networks, not just Linkshare) intentions when it comes to adware. The argument du jour suggests […]