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SEO Concerns and Product Update Issues with Affiliate Product Data Feeds

A visitor of my site who read some of my product data feed resources contacted me with an interesting question about how to deal with availability and SEO issues when you are utilizing merchant product feeds. If I build a website with an affiliate data feed of an example: 10,000 different digital camera products. How […]

eComXpo 2009 – The Virtual Tradeshow for Internet Marketers – Now Open

Currently going on at is the latest installment of the eComXpo virtual tradeshow for internet marketers, which happens entirely online in the realms of cyberspace. No travelling required,  no hotel room to book… none of those hassles. Today is the first day of the show and it will be continued tomorrow. Admission for attendees […]

Affiliate Summit West 2009 Recap and the Issues Ahead for the Year 2009 and Beyond

Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Las Vegas came to an end this Tuesday. I am always fascinated by the fact that I get something out of it, which I had no idea about when I entered the airplane in Fresno last weekend to go to the conference. Sure, I always like to get back in […]

Affiliate Marketing Census Report 2009 – Your Help is Needed!

Okay, here is a quick one with a long quote of Jessica Luthi from before I am heading off for Las Vegas to Affiliate Summit 2009 West. The quote summarizes everything pretty nicely. I could not have it said better myself. I filled out the survey a couple minutes ago and suggest that other […]

Affiliate Data Feed Delivery via HTTP

I was updating and expanding my affiliate product data feeds and APIs resources at, in particular the resources to the product feeds and store builder feature provided by the PepperJam affiliate network, which was launched about one year ago. I liked what I saw overall, although some items were, in my opinion a great […]

LinkShare’s Contextual Targeted Merchandiser Web Services API – Easy Links

A look under the hood of LinkShare’s Targeted Merchandiser API web service and the Easy Links widget feature, which is based on this new LinkShare web services.

Affiliate Marketing is NOT …

Coupon and other incentive sites are using affiliate tracking technology, but does that mean that those type of publishers fit the traditional affiliate (performance) marketing model?

The Value of Branding During Times of Recession

The value of brands diminishes during times of recession. People tend to be more focused and interested in value, properties, features and benefits of a product, meaning that buying decisions are more driven by logic than impulse or feeling. Branding in B-to-C means often to spend money on feel-good images and aspirations, rather than on […]

Business to Business Marketing and Lead Generation

This post is a book review of MarketingSherpa’s “B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook” 2008-2009 Edition. Introduction and Disclaimer I have been thinking about writing this post for some time now. It happens rarely that I feel the urge to pitch a product and push people to buy it where I am absolutely convinced that they will […]

When you should Drop an Advertiser

The discussion at Brad Waller’s post “Reason #4837 Why This Industry Needs an Association” from Friday about the Hydra Network/Vista Print incident and publication of the incident at sparked two separate discussions that were not exactly related to the subject of the post. I want to talk about one of them and maybe about […]