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Affiliate Summit East 2008 Videos and more

I wrote a post after Affiliate Summit West 2008 with information and links to the numerous educational session videos, audio and slides for the past affiliate summit. The videos for Affiliate Summit East 2008 in Boston are out, so I thought that an update from my part is kind of required hehe.

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New Media – New Conditions Require New Policies and Rules

I mentioned to several people at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, the story of what happened to me to illustrate that the social media space is still the unknown frontier for most people out there. The folks, who are working and playing at the edge, sometimes do not realize how far out they actually […]

BlogworldExpo 2008, Las Vegas Warm-up

Here are some first expressions from before BlogWorldExpo, where I am currently at. I also talk about overdoing attending conferences and business cards again. I don’t suggest, like Shawn did once in one of his videos, to have new business cards for each event you are attending. Watch the video to find out why I […]

Options for Using Affiliate Product Data Feeds as an Affiliate Publisher

Somebody contacted me recently with some very specific questions about affiliate product data feeds. “I have an Affiliate company with 1 other person and right now we have a little over 1000 SEO-based sites. We want to add product data from different Affiliate NW’s, particularly CJ, ShareASale and Pepperjam. We’re looking for a tool/application that […]

Making the Connection to the Real World

This post is about marketing, online and offline marketing and relevant for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumers (B2C) as well. It also relates to affiliate marketing, specifically affiliate recruitment. It is more for affiliate managers and advertisers, but affiliates might also find some of the stuff useful or at least interesting.

Performance Marketing Alliance (PMA) Q&A at Affiliate Summit East 2008

I walked out the Performance Marketing Alliance (PMA) Q&A session at Affiliate Summit East 2008 in Boston, MA just a few hours ago, full of frustration and a bit of anger. I had to calm myself down first before I started writing this post. The subject is important and emotional for most of us, but […]

Lack of Innovation and the Rejection of the unwanted Child called Affiliate Marketing

Jeff Molander wrote a post for the new blog of the Advaliant affiliate network that is pure dynamite. I agree with Jeff on many points, including the lack of innovation in the industry during the past five years. Why was there not much innovation you might ask yourself? In my opinion networks and also many […]

Practical Tips for First Time Conference Attendees

Affiliate Summit East 2008 in Boston is not very far away anymore (August 10-12, 2008) and the time for some tips & tricks for people who never attended a conference yet, especially one as big as Affiliate Summit. The tips are for people who already registered for the event and also for folks who are […]

Paid Search Monitoring Project Concept – Run with it!

This concept is in my head for far beyond 2 1/2 years and I admit to myself that I am not going to do anything with it myself anytime soon. I outlined the general idea to several companies and people, but only shared the much more specific details only with a person who is as […]

Data and Information Flow Hurdles in Affiliate Marketing

Subtitle: About Data Feeds, Web Services and the use of Interfaces (APIs) in Affiliate Marketing.Slow progress is made when it comes to the utilization of data feeds and web services by affiliate networks and also by advertisers. The biggest progress is currently made when it comes to web services, which is a good thing.The use […]