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What if someone says something bad about us in our Blog?

It’s a question customers ask me all the time, so I come out of yet another writing hiatus to chime in. (Better read now, it could be another 3 months before I lift my head above the rubble of balancing work- and family-life to publicly rant.) So what’s a company to do? You start a […]

7 for ’07

The New Year brings us vast lists of what has past and sets up for lists of what is yet to come. We all make resolutions – whether formal or not – and certainly should. It’s our time to set goals and plan for next moves – with a certain amount of modification to those […]

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Get a UC Berkeley Education on Search Engines for FREE

UC Berkeley Educational Technology Services has posted video courses online at Google Video (of course) for the SE world to enjoy. These videos are free, as are several other course offerings. You can also catch most notable is the Sergey Brin cast: Search, Google, and Life. May we all get to a point in life […]

Stickiness is back. Let’s hope it doesn’t get messy!

At a recent BtoB NetMarketing Breakfast, the word of the morning was stickiness. Messy as it sounds, we are once again using the term as we had “back in the day.” Although now it has bigger meaning; now it’s about building relationships, not holding viewers hostage on your site. Or is it? Building relationships with […]

Godin is looking for new ideas? I have to comment…

So, I come out of hiatus to throw something out there. Seth Godin posted a quote today that seemed to be a solicitation for “help in finding something creative, untested, unproven, off the wall, risky, fashionable and challenging.” I don’t think Seth is really asking “us” for advice. It is, certainly getting picked up that […]

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Design Matters: When Simplicity Wins Over Complexity

After a brief hiatus spent involved in several projects both for clients and internal processes – and not spent on the beach adding layers of cancer cells to my body as everyone expects a good Jersey girl does – I’ve come loaded with client scenarios and news commentary so overwhelming that I can hardly type […]

When is it time to tear down your website and start over?

It’s a question we’re often asked, “Can’t we just blah blah blah?” Blah blah blah can be add another database; add more pages; or take down that whole section, rewrite the home page and intros, and oh yea, our name changed, too. The real question should be, “Can this website be saved?” Or more appropriately, […]

I wish search engine results were better

OK, another virtual poll: How many people out there wish that search engines provided better results? How many of you are frustrated when you are trying to find a new vendor, or a new product, and you instead are fooled by spammy link farms, or simply sites that do not really suit your needs? I’m […]

Oh No, I’ve been Plogged!

Amazon looks at another way to provide value and improve retention OK, everyone here who has some level of information overload, please raise a metaphorical hand. After making a nice purchase for my Godson who is graduating high school this month (shhhh, a new video iPod. His 2g 20GB has fallen victim to the “folder […]

The Internet is looking more and more like real advertising everyday

Believe it or not, there are still companies and CMOs out there that do not see the Internet as a qualified advertising or marketing medium. With all of the press on search engines, banner advertising, and even phishing, you would think that everyone would be beyond the glass wall that still makes it an “us” […]