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Connie Berg is the Founder of and Founded in 1998, offers discounts and coupons from online retailers, while focuses on price comparison and product search. is a new venture which offers an automated, customized affiliate coupon feed which consolidates coupons and deals across all major affiliate networks in a standard format. You can find Connie on Twitter @connieberg.

Linkshare calls this an enhancement?

For a long time affiliates have had issues with outdated promotions and expired coupons in Linkshare. Many merchant links in Linkshare have expiration dates listed, but are a year or more past that date. Many don’t have expiration dates listed but when tested, they are no longer valid. So Linkshare recently announced a new feature: […]

Congratulations Todd Crawford, Jim Kukral and Revenews!

Congratulations to Todd Crawford who won the 3rd Annual Wayne Porter Affiliate Marketing Legend at last night’s award ceremony at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. Well deserving winner, truly a legend in everyone’s mind. Todd is always willing to talk and share his knowledge whether it be about affiliate marketing or fine wines. Congratulations also […]

Is Google Out to Put an End to Affiliate Marketing?

Many merchants are heavily promoting Google Checkout and coupons that go with it, and even encouraging their affiliates to promote this offer. With some merchants at Commission Junction this is no issue, affiliate tracking still works and affiliates still get credit for the sale. Evidently though according to some folks at ABestWeb, not all merchants […]

Is it fair for merchants to promote select affiliates?

One of my employees was on Paragon Gifts website the other day and noticed a banner for on the left sidebar. This isn’t some small banner either, it shouts out in a 206×150 banner that your order qualifies for free shipping! is an affiliate of Paragon Gifts and gets the commission on any […]

Merchants Bidding on Affiliate’s Names?

While checking on Google today, I found a merchant of mine that I haven’t been active in a while with that was bidding on the name FlamingoWorld in Adwords. When contacted they had this to say: “Connie, I never bid on partner’s names. Your traffic died a couple months ago. Bidding on your name was […]

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CDT Asks FTC To Sue 180solutions

From Online Media Daily Watchdog Asks FTC To Sue 180solutions by Wendy Davis, Tuesday, Jan 24, 2006 6:00 AM EST AFTER TWO YEARS OF ATTEMPTS to work with adware company 180solutions, the nonprofit watchdog Center for Democracy and Technology Monday filed a complaint against the company, charging that it engages in “distribution practices that appear […]

He’s Good Enough, He’s Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Jeff!

You can ask anyone who knows Jeff Molander and they will tell you that he doesn’t have any friends. When I decided to play a joke on Jeff at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, humoring the tag that he and Beth Kirsch have going and asked people to choose a team, many said they […] Shorting Affiliates?

For about a year now, Overstock has been having issues with crediting the correct commission amounts owed to affiliates. They pay one commission rate on media items and another rate on other products. It seems Overstock is having trouble getting the correct rate with the correct products. Some non-media items are being paid at the […]

So Who Takes Responsiblity?

In a previous article I wrote about Spam, which contained ads for one of my merchants. After several emails back and forth, the Affiliate Manager sent this: In regards to emails, we have three types of email delivery devices. Internal, Vendors such as Memolink, My Points, Coolsavings, Bizrate and Publishers who work for the networks. […]

Is Affiliate Marketing Out of Control?

The last few days I have been getting a lot of spam from other affiliates of one of the merchants I run. I did not sign up for these emails and unsubscribing has done no good. I contacted the merchant in question and this is the response I got back: “This has me concerned, we […]