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Connie Berg is the Founder of and Founded in 1998, offers discounts and coupons from online retailers, while focuses on price comparison and product search. is a new venture which offers an automated, customized affiliate coupon feed which consolidates coupons and deals across all major affiliate networks in a standard format. You can find Connie on Twitter @connieberg.

Holiday Greetings – Don’t Bother. Wait, You Didn’t!

I got many Holiday Greeting Cards from my merchants this year. Some had nice hand signed signatures; they actually put some effort into it. However, the majority of them were pre-printed cards, with pre-printed signatures and pre-printed addresses on the envelopes. I put in a lot of effort for some of these merchants through out […]

Brand Name Bidding? NOT!

I got this email this morning. Dear Contact, I am bringing to your attention a point of concern that we have discovered in relationship to your website Flamingo World. While conducting a “Google” search for alle’ Fine Jewelry, is displayed as a sponsored link. Being that we have “no” affiliation whatsoever to my knowledge, […]

Amazon Gets Patents on Consumer Reviews

From Review your local dry cleaner, pay $10 million? User reviews are a hot new content area, being used by Google, Yahoo and MSN to sweeten their local search results. But as of Thursday, such consumer reviews could put search providers, as well as thousands of e-commerce sites, video rental or review sites and […]

Adsense or Nonsense?

With all the hype about Adsense and Chitika’s eMiniMalls, and the blogs, eBooks and websites devoted to optimizing your website for them, I wonder if the most important component isn’t being forgotten – the website visitor. As I come across these sites, my first thought is to click on anything and quickly get away. To […]

Hey Merchants – You Need To Read My Blog!

If had read my previous blog on Affiliate Contests Can Hurt Merchants they could have saved themselves from embarrassment. Today they sent out the winners list for their October Affiliate Contest. “A congratulation goes out to everyone who participated in the October Contest. Here are your contest winners. Biggest Sale: – Shop at Home […]

Oh Baby – It’s Not Me, It’s You!

A few weeks ago, I received the following email from a big name baby merchant at Linkshare: “I’m writing to inform you of some changes we are making to the affiliate program. We have recently done a deep dive into the financials of our affiliate network, and we have decided to remove your site […]

CJ and Partner Hunting Down Cheating Affilates

Commission Junction is working with Cyveillance to hunt down cheating affiliates according to an article by Brian Livingston. According to Brian’s Article, “The network has contracted with Cyveillance, a firm that monitors the online use of trademarked terms, to “spider” the Internet seeking affiliates that generate commissions without legitimately earning them.” I am sure it […]

Affiliate Program Payout Limits?

I was told the other day that I couldn’t get into a certain affiliate program at Performics because the merchant had used up their budget for affiliate marketing for the year. Do merchants really have a cutoff on how much they can pay out in their affiliate program? Their affiliates are not paid unless a […]

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CJ Kicks Out ShopatHomeSelect

Scott Jangro Reports that Commission Junction has evicted ShopatHomeSelect from their network. This coming shortly after Commission Junction announced changes to its PSA. Ben Edelman has done some reporting on ShopatHomeSelect’s modus operandi. Maybe with recent legal actions and crackdowns on applications with dubious installation and operating methods, the networks are starting to take notice. […]

7 Years of Affiliate Marketing

Seven years ago this month I noticed a program on my computer called Frontpage Express. I was “just a housewife” and had never done much with computers. Our house had just burned down and I was in a deep depression looking for something to take my mind off things. I escaped to the internet. I […]