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A former Staff Editor here at, CT Moore is a recovering agency hack with over a decade experience leveraging search, social media, and content marketing to help brands meet their business goals online. He currently provides digital strategy consulting to start-ups, SMBs, enterprise level companies through his consultancy Socialed Inc.. CT is also an accomplished blogger and speaker who educates groups and companies on how they can better leverage different online channels.

3 Ways to Market Luxury Products via Mass Appeal

Marketing luxury products and services online brings with it it’s own set of challenges. While part of luxury’s value proposition is the exclusivity it offers, that exclusivity doesn’t always align well with the inclusive nature of the modern online ecosystem. I mean, sure, social media and SEO allow us to identify and target users based […]

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Building a Brand Conscious Content Strategy

In a time when the adage “Content is King” is celebrated over and over as some kind of universal truth (and repeated ad nauseum), many marketers fall into the trap of putting the cart in front of the horse, and producing content for the sake of producing content. Common mistakes include putting quantity over quality, […]

Knowing What and When to Outsource

Competing in the digital landscape usually means competing on several fronts. You need good design (product or web), solid tech (frontend and backend), strong marketing (acquisition and retention), and the talent to help make it all come together. Indeed, even on the marketing front, you need to find the right balance of SEO, PPC, affiliate […]

4 Ways to Step Up Your Digital Marketing in 2014

It’s the the final stretch of 2013, and you might be already be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. And if you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, you’re certainly thinking about how you’re going to do business in 2014 — new markets you’re going to crack in to, new campaigns you’re going to launch, new partnerships […]

10 Reasons To Outsource (Some) Marketing (6-10)

Previously, we looked at 5 of 10 reasons why you might consider outsourcing some of your marketing to an agency. In that last installment we explored factors such as specialized expertise, bandwidth, outside perspective, education, and R&D as potential reasons to outsource. Well, in this installment, we look at 5 more reasons you should consider […]

10 Reasons to Outsource (Some) Marketing (1-5)

All businesses outsource to some degree. Whether it’s their advertising, SEO, or janitorial services, all businesses have vendors that the rely on to provide services that lie beyond their core product/service offering. But marketing is a part of all business models (unlike janitorial services), so how can you tell whether to outsource any of your […]

Google Loses Market Share, Looks Beyond Search for Growth

At the close of Q1 2011, Google had lost some search market share and fell short of earning expectations. As a result, the search giant will be looking beyond its search products to drive future growth. Indeed, the company seems to seeking stability in a diversified revenue stream. Google’s Market Share & Earnings Comparing Q1 […]

How To Get Social With SEO (because you have to)

Between Facebook’s expanded deal with Bing and the recent launch of Google’s +1 button, it’s clear that search is becoming more social. So while Facebook isn’t about to take over search and become the next Google (per se), one thing is clear: if you want to rank, you’re going to have to get social with […]

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How Facebook Might Conquer Comments

It’s no secret that Facebook is trying to conquer the internet and bring it all in behind its registration wall. Whether or not they ultimately succeed will probably depend on a number of variables, such as whether Facebook can launch an Android killer. But for the meantime it looks like the latest part of the […]

The Death and Re-Birth of Book Publishing

We’re not even at the end of Q1, and 2011 has already been a rough year for the book retailers. But while retailers struggle and fold, there might be new opportunities on the horizon for publishers and authors alike, and a publishing phoenix just might still rise from the ashes of yet. In February, Borders […]