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Look Up at Conferences

tl;dr – When you wander the halls of ASE14, don’t look at your phone. Look up. This isn’t a new age article about improving your attitude and feeling good. Although there are studies that show smiling and having better posture do make you more positive. No, this is quite literally a recommendation for you to […]

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Advertising Tax: Education, not Legislation

Editor’s Note: The more points of view that are put out about Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s ratification of the ill-conceived affiliate nexus bill HB 3659, the more chance the industry has to come together and have a discussion on the matter. ReveNews and industry veteran David Lewis wrote an excellent analysis of the law, the […]

Overstock to Terminate California Affiliates Again Tomorrow

Now that I have your attention, Overstock may terminate its California affiliates tomorrow. The State Legislature is once again considering a bill that would make the Affiliate Nexus Tax law in California. If you are not familiar with this legislation, it defines affiliates as salespeople in order to establish nexus (the legal word for presence […]

Not All Facebook Users Are Created Equal: How Many Free Coins Did You Get?

Over the weekend, Facebook posted the following notice in my account: Facebook Gave You 10 Free Credits! You received 10 free Facebook Credits (a $1.00 USD value). Use them to buy premium items in your favorite games on Facebook. Go play! Well, I only find one app to be useful: Scrabble. I used Farmville twice […]

This Thing Of Ours… What Do We Call It?

Last week, Missy Ward, co-founder of Affiliate Summit, reignited the age-old discussion about what we call our industry. Is it affiliate marketing or performance marketing? Are we affiliates or publishers? Are they merchants or advertisers? Either you think this is important or you are thinking What?! Who cares?!? Still I think the topic is worth […]

California’s Referendum on the Advertising Tax

You probably haven’t heard about my state’s referendum on the Advertising Tax. It’s not a ballot proposition. It’s the gubernatorial election. Politics are complex. Many readers will bristle at my boiling down California’s election between Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman to a single issue. [To set aside all other issues I’ll just say […]

Google AdSense And Transparency

A great thing happened this week: Google went transparent. Well, kind of. Google announced that it pays 68 percent of its advertising revenue to publishers on AdSense for content and 51 percent for AdSense for mobile. Hmmmm, ZDnet asks a good question: is that the mean, median or mode? I don’t think that everyone gets […]

Twitters Apps vs. Affiliate Marketing

In case you missed the news, and it was easy to miss as Twitter waited until 6:15 pm PDT to announce it, Twitter bought Atebits, the two-person company that makes Tweetie. I wrote about the acquisition on my blog and the implications for Twitter app developers. This morning I woke up to the following tweet […]

A Schaaf-Centric World

I woke up this morning to the press release sitting there in my inbox announcing that Schaaf Consulting had acquired PartnerCentric. Of course, I read it backwards in my bleary-eyed, pre-coffee state. Then it hit me: Linda Woods, often credited as the first OPM in affiliate marketing, had sold to the Brothers Schaaf. As we […]

Advertising Tax Effect: Drs. Foster & Smith Shuts Down Its Affiliate Program

You read that right. Today Drs. Foster & Smith, a pet medicine retailer our of Wisconsin, has shut down its entire affiliate program due to the Advertising Tax that has passed in 3 states and is being considered in many more. Oh, and it is effective immediately! The reason stated was not that Drs. Foster […]