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Danielle Forget is a Communications graduate with a true passion for online media. Currently she holds the title of Marketing Coordinator for WhatRunsWhere. Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn or Twitter and be sure to follow WhatRunsWhere for future posts.

How To Create Health + Diet Display Ads That Convert

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard that the weight loss industry is pretty huge. Now bringing in over $55 billion-a-year, this industry has become a grand place for performance marketers to gain a substantial piece of that low-fat pie. With an endless amounts of weight loss products and offers available, […]

SEO is Good, SEO + PPC is Better

It is undeniably true that having strong SEO is a good thing. Having a powerful search engine presence helps keep you visible. It also gives your business the marketing advantage to magically appear before your customers’ eyes when they are searching for you, or your product, online. Sounds like the perfect way to market your […]