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Will Facebook Patent Destroy Foursquare and Gowalla?

Facebook has been granted patent 7,809,805 which describes, “Systems and methods for automatically locating web-based social network members are provided. According to one embodiment, contact content including an associated GPS identifier and status for web-based social network members located at or near the same location automatically appears on a GPS-enabled device.” It is the type […]

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Massive’s Failure Proof Of In-game Advertising’s Success

A short while ago, I wrote about some encouraging news in the in-game advertising market. There were some glimmers of hope while I questioned the details of the announcements. Since then, in-game ad firm IGA Worldwide received new funding and Electronic Arts launched a new integrated in-game ad dashboard. It seems that investment is happening […]

Bye Bye @EarlyBird: You Lagged Behind Promotional Items And Lost The Worm

I can appreciate how people are attracted to anything deal related. I recall my parents trying to teach  me to value savings. They used to say “a penny saved is a penny earned” and as long as I can remember, it’s been important to me to avoid paying the normal price for anything.  I sometimes […]

In-Game Ads Grow Up And Show Signs Of Market Value

Remember when in-game mobile ads were the rage? If not, let me jog your memory. Just two years ago, mobile in-game advertising had some market wins including “RadioShack Sees 8.4 % Brand Awareness Increase” and “Jeep claims brand-awareness lift from mobile games ad campaign”. The implementation types included mobile game pre-roll, interstitial, and post-roll, where […]

Why Pick Paywall When Other Options Abound?

According to an article in the Independent , Rupert Murdoch’s paywall at The Times has alienated advertisers, news sources, and even journalists that work there. These reported problems stem from a reported drop in traffic due to  the paywall, publicists worried that their client stories won’t be seen due to the paywall, and that journalists […]

Mobile Ads: Fad Or The Next Big Revenue Opportunity?

When it comes to revenue, some statements are not only worth thinking about, but are worth re-reading several times. The first quote came a few days ago from Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, who said, “Trust me that revenue is large enough to pay for all of the Android activities and a whole bunch more.” […]

Google Picks More Gaming Gold From Facebook’s Pockets

Jambool, creator of Social Gold and former provider of virtual currency for Facebook games and web apps, was sold to Google for a reported $70 million. This follows the trend of game and social app providers LabPixies and Slide we covered here. In a post about the Slide acquisition, I discussed how Facebook, which originally […]

Google Buys Slide, Puts On Social Warpaint

In my article about RockYou, a comment from a ReveNews author led to a discussion of Slide likely facing similar market pressures as RockYou. Both RockYou and Slide were darlings of MySpace and expanded to Facebook as it became a more dominant platform. Early on, both RockYou and Slide did well, using all the smarts […]

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Disney To Use Playdom Acquisition To Redefine Social Games And Crush Zynga

Rather than build their way into social gaming, Disney opted to acquire Playdom who is the creator of Mobsters, the #1 game on MySpace, and a lesser player on Facebook. It’s an easy move to second guess and say that Disney should have bought a larger social network game company. While that was indeed an […]

RockYou At The Mercy Of Facebook Credits For The Next 5 Years

RockYou and Facebook announced a deal where RockYou will exclusively use Facebook credits and where Facebook will keep 30 percent of the revenue from the credits. In the same press release, the two firms discussed a “Deal of the Day” project where RockYou issued 6 million Facebook credits to users who interacted with ads. What […]