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Greg Shepard, the Chief Strategy Officer of Pepperjam, is a seasoned veteran in building and running sustainable growth businesses. Inspired by the unique perspective he garnered as both a merchant and affiliate in past ventures, Greg established AffiliateTraction and it has since expanded into the largest multi-national affiliate marketing agency with offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto, London and Sydney. In January of 2016, AffiliateTraction was acquired by eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. In April of 2016, eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions became Pepperjam, resurrecting a familiar name in the performance marketing space.

Greg Shepard

Businesses Are Losing $4 Trillion Due to Abandoned Shopping Carts – But Here’s What You Can Do

Can you imagine what grocery store parking lots would look like with $4 trillion worth of food abandoned in shopping carts? It’d be messier than an Interstate highway on The Walking Dead. But that’s exactly the scenario in the digital eCommerce space, according to a Business Intelligence report which found upwards of $4 trillion in […]

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What If Your eCommerce Platform Integrated With Your Affiliate Channel?

When it comes to reconciling your affiliate network activity with your ecommerce platform, you probably know full well the process is far less than ideal. After all, your ecommerce platform is isolated from your affiliate channel in a way that makes seamless shifting of information between the two nearly impossible. To optimize your affiliate channel, […]

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Affiliate Marketing Has Disrupted Mainstream Marketing In A Very Good Way

If you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, you might not know that it is a $4.2 billion dollar business set to grow to $6.8 billion by 2020. Or that nearly 7,000 marketers attend a conference called Affiliate Summit twice each year. Or that 80% of advertisers allocate 10% of their marketing budget to affiliate marketing. […]

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Here’s A Shopping Cart Strategy That Will Improve A Merchant’s Search Marketing

Search. It’s an integral part of everything and anything online and, of course, it’s key to a successful affiliate channel program. Run ads. Get clicks. People buy. Alas, if only it were that simple. Over time, search has “grown up” and become far more intricate, intelligent and effective. In an article entitled, Should Merchants Allow […]

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Programmatic Buying VS Performance Marketing

Over the course of the past ten years or so, the online advertising space has become overrun by “big data.” You know, that goldmine of information that’s supposed to ensure that the exact marketing message gets to the exact demographic/psychographic/whatever-graphic at the exact time? Funny how that hasn’t panned out and online advertising, for the […]

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Affiliate Marketers, Are You Giving Enough Back?

Affiliate Marketers Give Back

If you’re in the affiliate marketing space, you are surely aware of, a charitable organization founded by Missy Ward who is also co-founder of Affiliate Summit. The organization’s aim is to raise money to support breast cancer research through the affiliate marketing industry. To date, it has raised over $550,000 and many of you […]

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How Card-Linked Coupons Benefit Merchants, Affiliates And Retailers Alike

A recent study by McKinsey & Co. found that digital coupons will surpass all forms of print coupons, apart from freestanding inserts, in 5 years. The study also predicts that load-to-card and mobile coupons will grow 50% annually from 2015 to 2019. While FSIs still account for 89% of coupon distribution, they only make up […]

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The Affiliate Marketing Channel Is Simply The Best Online Marketing Strategy

More than ever, Affiliate Marketing is being driven by the power of flexibility. It has long been the most flexible online marketing strategy available. You see this realization more and more as search marketing companies start affiliate networks and affiliate networks start utilizing cost-plus-performance hybrid campaigns. It has become obvious that there are two giant […]

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AT&T and SBC Launch B2B Affiliate Network

AT&T Inc. Announces Online Business Affiliate Network Program; Program Enables Businesses and Organizations to Earn Commissions by Promoting AT&T Services via Their Web Sites. SBC is a mega company and a move like this should be taken as a very exciting indicator of the Affiliate Industry taking the lead in effective online marketing.

Greg Shepard

The Surge of Affiliate Networks Has Changed Affiliate Marketing

Now that technology companies have started offering affiliate network software, it seems new affiliate networks pop up each week, maybe even daily. In the past 12 months alone there have been over 200 new affiliate networks. Like other online strategies such as search engine promotion, merchants should not limit themselves to the internal promotion available […]