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Heather Ferris is a marketing professional and social media strategist with a degree in English Lit and a passion for politics, the Minnesota Vikings (ouch), coffee, and books. The physical kind, mostly, but she'll read anything. She writes about the fascinating ways the rise of digital media and social networking have changed the framework of the advertising industry, and her experience in social media strategy give her a unique perspective on the use of digital networking in political campaigns. Between taking her two giant Labradors to the dog park and attempting to cook without burning down the house, Heather spends her time scouring the internet for the latest social media products, crazy political news, and the newest Apple updates.

Campaigning for Your Vote: Going Digital for Political Office

The cyber race is on. U.S. President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are in search of the medal for the most successful social media campaign to capture the younger American demographic. In 2008, Obama made known his …