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Heather Paulson is the President of which provides Affiliate Management, Paid Search Management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and affiliate video production and affiliate recruiting services.

Heather was appointed to the Affiliate Summit advisory board in 2006. In 2007 Ms. Paulson was appointed to the advisory board for Affiliate Classroom. In 2007 Ms. Paulson was elected as's education manager. in 2008 Ms Paulson was nominated as a FAB member of the Performance Marketing Association and is an honorary recipient of the ACC Certified Affiliate Managers Course. in 2008 Heather Paulson was invited to become a member of The Internet Oldtimers Foundation. She has passed the Google professionals certification twice. Heather also blogs at Paulson Management Group Blog. You can follow Heather on Twitter: @Heatherpaulsons.

Google Launches Google App Engine Beta!

Google (NSDQ: GOOG announced last night through Campfire One the limited beta release for trial by the first 10,000 developers to sign up for the Google App Engine, an online development environment for building and running Web applications.. Yesterday’s launch was a preview release, Paul McDonald, Product Manager stated in the Google APP engine blog […]

Microsoft Surfaceâ„¢ Computing with Multi-Touch Technology

Microsoft Surfaceâ„¢ is a 30-inch display in a table-like form factor that small groups can use at the same time. The technology is amazing and the application of the Surface is becoming of interest to hotels, retail establishments, restaurants and public entertainment venues. I can see the value of this technology as well in a […]

Google Closes Acquisition of DoubleClick

March 11th The European Commission has cleared the proposed $3.1 billion USD acquisition by Google Inc. of the online advertising technology company DoubleClick. On Apr. 13, Google announced that it would pay $3.1 billion for DoubleClick and was vying for the purchase with Microsoft. (, 4/3/07, “Google vs. Microsoft: Vying for DoubleClick”) – Here we […]

Affiliate Summit 2008 – Marin Software “The Find”

Affiliate Summit 2008 – Marin Software “The Find” by Heather Paulson – Affiliate Summit 2008 hosted by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward was fantastic. The Rio all Suites Hotel offered very large accommodating rooms and the staff was spot on concerning service. The late night parties were full of ambiance and incredible conversation which […]

Internet failure hits two continents

Internet failure hits two continents

Video – Bill Gates’ Last Day –

Who is the funniest, sexiest man alive and what will he do after he retires from Microsoft? Well that would be my hero, “Bill”, the big pimp daddy is retiring and in this amazing video you will see him try his hand at becoming a band member for U2, engage Hollywood as a potential leading […]

SEO Matrix’s- Markov Chaining and Term Vector Models

2008 is upon us and if I hear Happy New Year one more time I am going to scream! To take my mind off the trauma that was the New Year Eve of 2008 I thought I would rant a bit about SEO “yes, apparently I am going to rant now, yeah!” I was asked […]

Is the Blogsophere Becoming the Tattle’ Tale Nation?

Megan Meier’s a 13-year-old who was suffering from depression and attention deficit disorder who was viciously manipulated at the hands of adult neighbors who pretended to be a young male friend “Josh Evans” through MySpace has lit the blogoshpere by storm! Blogger’s all over the world are crying for Justice for Megan and are taking […]

Who are the Internet Oldtimers?

While at ad:tech New York 2007 I had the opportunity to go to a fabulous party which was hosted at the Soho House by the Internet Oldtimers. The Monday night party was fantastic and the hummus as well as the conversation flew freely. I recognized a few faces, although I have been in the industry […]

Andrew Wee Interview – Internet Expansion into Asia

I had the time to speak with Andrew Wee one of the most prolific bloggers in the blososphere, below are his thoughts and summations for a few of the questions that I posed to him concerning internet marketing growth and expansion in the Asiatic regions. Heather – Who is Andrew Wee? Where did you come […]